Landwehr threatens suit against city — again

City meetings in Gerald begin with public comment. Resident Brad Landwehr almost always comes to the microphone for comment. Those comments usually include complaints about alleged damage to the parking lot of Blue Star Car Wash which he owns.

Landwehr was once the public works director for the city. Several years ago, he was not reappointed to that position by a newly elected mayor. Landwehr filed a lawsuit against the city claiming he was not reappointed because he had campaigned for his brother who was also a candidate for mayor. 

A jury in federal court did not agree with Landwehr and ruled in the city’s favor. Due to appeals and a request for a new trial, he has kept  that suit alive.

Now, Landwehr claims that gravel from city streets washes onto his parking lot and is ruining it. 

After listening to Landwehr’s complaints, and examining the parking lot themselves, the city council turned the issue over to MOPERM, their insurance carrier. MOPERM sent an adjuster out to Gerald to inspect the parking lot. They found no damage. 

Still, Landwehr insists that the city make reparations. At a meeting of the Board of Aldermen last Thursday, he reiterated his claims. 

After the meeting adjourned, Landwehr approached Nathan Nickolaus, the city’s attorney. He told Nickolaus, he was taking the city to small claims court. 

Nickolaus replied that you could not take a municipality to small claims court, it would have to be civil court. 

City Clerk Jane Hungler said she heard Landwehr reply something to the effect of “I’ll see you there then.”

As of Tuesday, Hungler said the city had not been notified that any lawsuit had been filed.