LSC Communications seeks candidates for 50 jobs during Aug. 22, Oct. 4 career fairs at printing plant

Dave Marner
Managing Editor

Rich Dunn is ready to hire 50 new employees at LSC Communications’ Owensville plant.

“Opportunities abound at LSC,” said Dunn, LSC Communications’ vice president of manufacturing. “Whether an individual is just out of school and starting a career or looking for a career change, we have numerous opportunities across a variety of skill sets.”

LSC Communications is hosting a careers open house and hiring event on Wednesday, Aug. 22. Another is planned Thursday, Oct. 4.

LSC Communications has developed a mentoring program. “Bridge to Skill,” which places new employees with supervisors. New employees who show initiative in learning the various aspects of the printing business will train with experienced staff and can earn incentives of between $500 to $1,000 for completing employment milestones.

Training programs can last between six months to two years depending on which job a worker is learning.

“Getting hired at LSC is just the first step in the process,” Dunn said. “For employees who are hired and demonstrate their reliability and initiative, there is a career path here with opportunity for ongoing advancement. Our Bridge to Skill program is a premier training program within the printing industry. It provides a structured training opportunity for motivated employees to train with skilled craftspeople who elect to fill the training role. Along the way, Bridge to Skill trainees earn milestone rewards for their progress and additional compensation and recognition upon graduation from the program.”

Dunn said during the upcoming career fairs on Aug. 22 and Oct. 4 the printing firm will attempt to reach its goal of adding 50 new employees.

“We would hire 50 new employees now,” said Dunn. Finding workers with the necessary training, or those willing to learn, is their immediate goal. 

“We have career opportunities in numerous area throughout the plant, from entry level to machine operators,” said Jackie Barndollar, human resource manager. “We also provide a flexible schedule ranging from full-time positions with benefits to part-time positions, available both on weekdays and weekends. We need to grow at a rapid pace to meet the growing needs of our customers.”

The printing operation has 400 employees with another 330 part-time and temporary workers comprising its workforce with a “long-standing tradition of producing printed and kitted materials of all kinds,” according to Dunn.

Barndollar said workers in their “Weekend Warrior” program can earn $15 an hour. They typically work on special projects which demand extra manpower. Workers in the program can work hours which fit their schedule. Some are college students. Some are retired.

Some are simply looking for extra income and may have other employment during the week.

The company regularly attends job fairs and works with disabled and veterans organizations and the Missouri Career Centers to seek new employees. They invite interested parties to call 573-437-1622, apply online at or stop by the plant at 1005 Commercial Drive weekdays between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. “where knowledgeable employees are ready to help you through the application and onboarding processes,” according to Barndollar.

The Missouri Career Center will be working with LSC Communications staff during the Aug. 22 and Oct. 4 events.

A strong history in the 

Owensville community

“For a company that is approaching its 60-year anniversary in the Owensville area, this growth positions us well for the next era of our presence in and commitment to this community,” said Dunn. “Over the past several years the plant has seen continued growth in terms of new customers, added volume, and significant investments in capital equipment and infrastructure. The plant is also very proud of its industry-leading safety performance.”

Dunn enjoys sharing the history of the present day LSC Communications and richly acknowledges the origins of the printing operations in Owensville which began as Custom Printing, Co.

LSC Communications is the “new” name of a printing operation which has been in Owensville since the early 1960s, he noted.

“For a ‘new’ company, LSC Communications has a long-standing history in Owensville and Gasconade County,” said Dunn. “Founded in 1962, as Custom Printing, the organization was first located in Ferguson (Missouri) but then relocated to Owensville in 1970. The business was built primarily to provide printing services for the government and for IBM.”

Custom Printing’s owner, Don Lenauer, sold the business in 1998 to Von Hoffmann, a well-known national printer of education products for publishers specializing in elementary, high school and college workbooks and textbooks, Dunn noted. 

Von Hoffmann also served other markets including trade, instructional manuals, industrial catalogs and printing for federal and state governments.

According to information provided by LSC Communications, in 2007, Von Hoffmann was purchased by RR Donnelley “where the Owensville facility quickly made a name for itself as a versatile and capable printing partner for the $11 billion printing titan.”

LSC Communications was established in 2016 as part of a corporate spin-off from RR Donnelley.

Projects being produced in Owensville include flight books and maps printed monthly under a Department of Defense and Department of Transportation contract, a magazine for the National Guard, high-stakes testing products, soft cover textbooks and workbooks, kitting for educational publishers, and business-to-business catalogs.

LSC Communications has 29 different Bridge to Skill programs available. Thirty-three employees have graduated from various stages in this program. Dunn and Barndollar are looking for the next 50 employees to work into the firm’s roster. Some of those, they hope, could be the next candidates for their innovative training program.