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What we eat affects what farmers grow. Feedback to farms runs slow, but it alters farming. I’ve watched farming and consumers long enough to see changes. When I began reporting, pork … more
In January President Donald Trump welcomed the 2018 national college football champions, the Clemson Tigers, to the White House. Trump bragged that he served the team hamburgers “piled up a … more
Carryover stocks were mentioned by most of the speakers at the MU FAPRI farm outlook meeting last week at Bradford Farm. Agriculture has lots of meat in the freezer and crop farmers have lots of corn … more
Growing up in rural Missouri we all know the true meaning of Easter — that Jesus died for our sins and rose again on the third day. But our young children have another interpretation of the … more
The Owensville Police Department would like to thank all the community members and businesses who donated money, candy, and gift baskets to our Easter Egg Hunt. We would also like to thank all the … more
Soybean farmers use AI to raise their crop. I know AI, that’s artificial insemination that groups calving times. My brain must shift gears. At the Soybean Symposium I learned AI also stands … more
As you may know I’m a conservative. I also consider myself a conservative when it comes to my use of the earth’s resources. But I have to admit that many of my tendencies to be … more
We need a lot more common sense. But, wait! Common sense means an idea that’s widely held, not that it is right. Some things appearing true are not. Over the centuries we’ve learned … more
To the Editor: Everybody’s an “innie” or an “outie”. That used to be the dividing line our kids talked about with belly buttons. Now it’s a fundamental dynamic … more
Human touch, something we all need. Touch has been shown to ease pain, lift depression and just make anyone feel better about themselves. On the flip side, studies have shown that babies who are not … more
Videos show flood water flowing down the Platte River from Nebraska into the Missouri River. There are still snowbanks further north adding to the flood. Photos show bridges, vehicles and roads swept … more
Recently my bride and I took a few days off from our busy work schedules to visit our two youngest offspring who are living in Madison, Wis. On the way to the great state of Wisconsin we made a … more
Spring sprung, almost. Farmers’ winter meetings ended, even if bad weather lingers. Seems corn was planted last year by now. You can count on Missouri weather being unexpected. Last … more
Have you ever paid attention to the “fine print” found at the bottom of some of the advertisements in the Republican, or, for that matter, any other print publication? I’m sure … more
March is our windy month. This one seems wilder than any I recall. When I almost blew over going into the post office, I don’t think it was because I was frail as leaves blowing in the wind. … more
To the Editor: Call this opinion regressive if you must, but based upon their past experience and the substantial losses incurred it would behoove the city of Owensville to get out of the loan … more
To the Editor: We understand that Republicans want strong borders. As Democrats we must strongly…agree! Even though we are often mischaracterized on social media, common sense dictates … more
The college admissions scandal, dubbed “Operation Varsity Blues,” according to Andrew Lelling, US attorney for Massachusetts, was a big part of the national news recently. In case you … more
I’m going through the change. Sweet Ol’ Duane became cranky. So, watch out. No joking around. I awoke at 4 a.m. for bathroom call. Then my cellphone, which I check as first duty of … more
Congress introduced payroll withholding and quarterly tax payments during World War II with the vote of the Tax Payment Act of 1943. This accomplished two things. It made it easier for the IRS to … more
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