A city ordinance reminder from Chief Rickerd


Over the past several months, I have seen an increase in RV campers, boats, etc. parking on city streets.

At times this parking is near an intersection causing a traffic hazard/concern or the parking is occurring on a narrow street which then causes a traffic concern especially if two vehicles are approaching that specific area at the same time. Over the past several months, I have also received an increase in concerns from citizens in reference to this issue.

Under City Ordinance 400.300, “Storage of recreational equipment such as boats, boat trailers, camping trailers, converted buses or trucks shall be limited to private garages, side or rear yards of private homes. Stored vehicles or equipment shall be registered and/or licensed pursuant to local and State laws. Recreational vehicles or equipment shall not be stored within required off-street parking spaces, encroach onto public property or obstruct any sidewalks, nor be more than eight (8) feet wide and twenty-five feet long. No recreational vehicle shall be used for living or sleeping purposes while stored on the premises.”

In short, I am asking all citizens that have their boats, RVs, campers, that are parked on the city streets, to follow the above ordinance to where they are not parked on a public street.

I know this may be a slight inconvenience for the owners of these RVs, campers, boats, etc., however, the last thing I want to have happen is a bad motor vehicle accident that was caused by improper parking on a public street.


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