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A missed chance to condemn violence


Just five days after the riot on the U.S.Capitol earlier this month, the FBI released a memo which highlighted plans for “armed protests” in all 50 state capitol cities to occur on or before the inauguration of Joe Biden.
Because of this and other threats, 21,000 National Guard troops were deployed in Washington D.C. for the inauguration last Wednesday.
Preparations and extra police were called outinmajorcitiesallacrossAmerica,includ- ing Jefferson City.
Presumably these riots were to be carried out by supporters of Donald Trump in protest of Biden’s inauguration.
A funny thing happened. Republicans did not come out to protest and destroy business- es across the country. It was the left-wing — which has had lots of practice — that organized, protested and looted the day our 46th President was inaugurated.
Riots occurred in Seattle, Wash., Portland, Ore., and Denver, Colo.
According to authorities, in Portland —
where they had 221 days of rioting last year — protesters damaged a federal immigration facility, then they moved on to smash up the Democratic Party of Oregon headquarters.
Sgt. Kevin Allen, with the Portland po- lice department, said protesters were seen carrying pepper ball guns, electronic control weapons (similar to stun guns), shields, fireworks, and rocks.
These protesters were smarter and more experienced than the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol. They brought more than weapons. To keep from being identified by police they brought umbrellas to block surveillance cameras.
Video clips from the riot in Portland show
people holding banners that read: “We are ungovernable” and “We don’t want Biden - We want revenge!” for “Police Murders,” “Imperialist Wars” and “Fascist Massacres.”
These riots were reportedly organized by Antifa — or what Joe Biden called just an idea last September in the first Presidential debate.
There were no National Guard troops at thesegatheringstoprotectthebuildingsthat were ransacked.
In Seattle police reported multiple win- dows shattered at the William Kenzo Na- kamura Courthouse by rioters. Rioters may have crossed the line and gone to far when they damaged Seattle’s original Starbucks store.
A report on Foxnews.com detailed pro- tests in Denver where “protesters burned an American flag in separate demonstrations that reportedly involved members of the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as others who chanted anti-Trump and anti-Biden
On last Friday, the Mayor of Bellingham,
Wash. was rushed out of City Hall when a mob of protesters stormed the building, reminiscent of the Jan. 6 riot in D.C.
These cities have one thing in common — Democrat mayors and governments which do little to put down and discourage these reoccurring violent protests.
Conservative columnist Miranda Devine said on Friday that left-wing prosecutors oftenchoosenottopursuechargesagainst rioters after arrests are made.
And in keeping with the theme of underre- porting or ignoring violence from radicals on the left, the three broadcast networks, ABC, CBS and NBC spent a total of 50 seconds talking about these riots on their Thursday news programs —30 seconds on CBS; 20 seconds on NBC; and nothing on ABC — all without mentioning Antifa.
“During President Biden’s inauguration Wednesday, the networks repeatedly remind- ed Americans of the horrible violence from Trump supporters two weeks ago, storming the Capitol over the election results. But, overnight, violent leftists took to the streets, rioting in at least two different cities in ‘pro- test’ over Biden’s election, and the networks couldn’t care less,” Media Research Center news analyst Kristine Marsh wrote.
The day after the terrible riot organized and carried out by his supporters on Jan. 6, President Donald Trump condemned it.
In 2015 President Barack Obama con- demned rioting in Baltimore, Md. after FreddieGraydiedinpolicecustody.
I write this column on Sunday — four days after the Antifa, Black Lives Matter protests — neither President Biden or his administration has condemned the Jan. 20 riots.
If Biden is going to be the President of every American, Republican and Democrat alike, he needs to learn to stand up to violence no matter what side of the aisle it comes from.







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