A need for civil discussion in time of deep disharmony


As a Democrat Club and as a party, we would like to define ourselves…rather than have others define us.

We believe in inclusiveness, compassion, equality, diversity, justice, facts, peace, truth, and caring for our planet. The policies we support reflect these values. 

We feel very strongly that the current administration’s actions and policies do not reflect these values. We are not for open borders as many claim…and support legal immigration, but feel that  all applying for asylum should be treated humanely until their claims are processed.

We are for foreign policies which honor long time treaties and support long time allies rather than brutal dictators. This would do a lot to help our country become again “that shining city on a hill” and bring back respect for our country.

We are for the rule of law, for facts to be made public, for all three branches of our government to remain equal and for Congress to do it’s job…including oversight of the executive branch.

We support democracy…not a dictatorship. We support truth, openness and honesty from those who are elected to serve us. We are against a foreign country meddling in our elections.

We are certainly very happy that this paper publishes diverse points of view and are not surprised that many individual people who write letters are critical of Donald Trump.

We are reaching out to those who believe in policies which reflect those values listed above.

If you find yourself disillusioned with the divisive and confusing rhetoric the current administration espouses, we encourage you to join us. Our party is very diverse in age, race and in beliefs.

Some are more moderate, some are very progressive but all are welcome.

There is much we all have in common here in Gasconade County. We are patriotic. We are thankful for our service men and women and our first responders. 

We love our country and our county. We love where we live.  We work —  just as many of the other party do — in the Lions Club, at the food pantry, in the Historical Society, in the Arts Council, in the Chamber of Commerce and in our churches.

We respect the right to have opinions different than ours and will always treat those who have different opinions with that respect.

There is a need for civil discussion in this time of deep disharmony.

If you are interested in joining us look for Gasconade County Democrats on Facebook. Our website is coming soon.


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