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A noxious and foul odor permeating Owensville


To the Editor:

Owensville is a place that holds many fond memories of my youth. On a recent visit for my mother’s 89th birthday, I noticed a noxious and foul odor permeating the air in several places during my daily walks about the residential portions of town. It was unmistakable…cat urine.

I also witnessed countless cats wandering about freely and unsupervised. To be fair to pet owners, I also saw many dogs being walked, all on leashes. I asked my animal loving mother, who I discovered has been having an ongoing issue with stray cats fouling her porch and flower beds, why the cats were allowed to roam free? She informed me that there was, in fact, a city ordinance that forbids cats from being stray. 

So why is there such a stench in some places? Are the residents in Owensville so negligent of the law? Or does the village need to hire an official cat catcher to curb this malodorous problem? I ask out of curiosity. 

Thank you. 


Miles T.


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