A year from now


A few weeks ago I started the opening paragraph of this column by asking what kind of shape will our country be in one year from now. Which party will control Congress? What will inflation be running?

I ended up going with a different idea for the column that week, but I did not delete that opening paragraph. After the events of the past week, I think it’s worth asking that opening question again: What kind of shape will our country be in one year from now?

Frankly, I don’t have any idea. But I do fear that some really bad things might be headed our way. How can inflation improve? This week the Democrats passed another spending bill. The Democrats claim this one will bring down inflation. How can spending another $740 billion help inflation? How can 87,000 new IRS agents help inflation?

How about the divisions within our country? During the campaign two years ago, Joe Biden said he was the guy that could unify the country? Does it look like the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home will bring us together as a nation? 

Think for a minute what the Democrats want us to believe. They want us to forget that for three years they created a monstrous lie about how Candidate Trump and President Trump worked with the Russians to win the election. When that lie blew up, did the Democrats call it quits? No, they just kept up the lies and continued to call on us to believe the lies. Why should be believe the FBI and Department of Justice have any more evidence now than they did with the Russian Hoax?

What’s ironic about the Russian Hoax is that Trump did not work with Putin, but really hurt him where it counted. Trump made the U.S. the world energy power. Energy prices around the world went down. The thugs of the world – Russia, Iran, Venezuela – were in trouble. Their chief product – crude oil – was selling for the lowest price in years. Putin was in no position to start a war. But Joe Biden changed that. He got the U.S. out of the oil business and into the windmill business. Oil prices surged and our enemies – Russian, Iran and Venezuela – were starting to roll in money. Putin could now afford to wage war on Ukraine. China could rattle its sabers even more, because they were flush with our windmill money. 

What’s going to be important in the next less than three months is to watch the election. The Democrats are terrified they will get clobbered this fall. They are probably in trouble. They should be. Folks who are normally Democrat voters have had enough. Crime is off the charts in major Democrat cities. Criminals are being released without bond and allowed to commit further crimes. Prosecuting attorneys who are responsible for the policies that release criminals without trials are facing recalls.

But the Democrats’ desperation will only lead to more vote stealing. In 2016, Hillary thought she had the race won and that it would not be necessary to steal large numbers of votes. She was wrong. The race was close enough that Democrats could easily have stolen enough votes to make her the winner. But they miscalculated. Don’t plan on that happening this fall. 


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