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Agenda 21


Americans are now witnessing the fruition of a plan started 29 years ago by the VP of the World Socialist Party, Gro Harlem Brundtland. Offered as official U.N. policy at the Earth Summit in 1992, 178 nations pledged and signed to adopt the goals of the U.N. Sustainable Development, Agenda 21.
First signed by George H.W. Bush, it was Clinton in 1993 by Executive Order 12852 that pushed all government departments to comply with Agenda 21 to harmonize US policy with UN directives. This plan extended to state and local governments in an effort to “reinvent” government using International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) plans. The goals, to remove social injustices so everyone on Earth lives the same. This would be accomplished by redistributing wealth, controlling where people lived by confiscating private property/farmland by Eminent Domain, providing enticements of free healthcare and education for all, insisting on “Green building codes” and conversions of non-compliant homes, buildings and vehicles, controlling food to eliminate beef production/distribution through environmental regulations, confiscating guns, controlling rights over water, controlling transportation, doing away with all fossil fuels to control energy, eliminating the military, air travel, promoting multi-culturalism, open-borders, sexual identity issues, collectively doing away with all freedoms.
These are not Republican or Democrat issues, but a well-planned, orchestrated agenda for “fundamentally transforming America” ---a Democratic goal, with the financial backing of the Bilderberg Group of one-world government and business leaders, demanding the decision-making power over your lives! That is why we now have open borders, plans to reenter the Paris Accord and the disastrous Iran Deal. Why Joe Biden removed Trump’s protection of our electric grid that now allows the Chinese to manufacture parts and completely shut electricity down with an electromagnet impulse attack at will.
Common sense would tell you that allowing millions of possibly infected illegals into our country that have never been inoculated or virus tested, yet arrive with the promise of free healthcare is unsustainable. Tying the hands of ICE, border patrol agents to deport and require police to release criminals will not make you, your family or our country safer. By controlling all media outlets, they have gained a strangle-hold on our country. Unions of teachers have introduced Socialism into our schools, removed true history, our constitution and teach America is a racist nation. Our flag, anthem, the military, religion and the hard work that built this country are systematically being changed by the entry of China/Central American drugs that are destroying this country.
Agenda 21---is now called social justice, but If you love your freedoms, your children, property, your God then get involved. Let your legislators/family/friends know and stand up to this assault on America!

Charlotte Schnieders
Jefferson City


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