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Biden at four months


President Biden has delivered more for the pandemic than Ex-President Trump did in his last year. I cannot understand is how one can praise Ex-President Trump for his warp speed program, and now be against taking the vaccine. We can all find a list of vaccinations that your child must receive to attend school, and if you were concerned about losing you freedoms over wearing a mask, I suppose the same is true when we see signs of “No shorts, no shoes, no service.” I will note that Biden has about a 70 percent approval for his handling of COVID-19, about 60 percent overall, and the number of people who feel that we are on the right track has increased by 20 points.

President Biden’s has shown that government can be a force of good for the ordinary American and acts like an adult, and the American people appreciate it. His wishes of be-partisanship are hampered by Mitch McConnell who has stated his priorities of obstructionism. And Liz Cheney has emerged as a major headache for the GOP for telling the truth. The truth is Donald Trump’s greatest enemy.

Memorial Day having just passed, I cannot help but reflect over the 1.2 million who sacrificed their lives for democracy and freedom, about one half of those during a war against ourselves to maintain slavery for the benefit of a few wealthy plantation owners. I was never deployed to a Combat Theater of Operations, but I do appreciate a President who does not consider me to be a loser for my military service. And democracy is certainly being attacked with a new wave of voter suppression bills, even though there is no proven need for such. The Republican party has decided that the only way that they can win is cheat through such. It has been going on for decades.

I would not want to be in Ex-Presidents shoes. He is being investigated for criminal charges by at least three different offices, and he is running out of time. He once said “Don’t be a rat” mafia talk. I expect some rats to emerge as the choices of not cooperating become clear to some.

President Biden wants to increase IRS funding to allow it to do their job with an anticipated payback of ten times. Much of that will come from increased audits for compliance of the top one percent. Mitch McConnell will do everything that he can to stop this, as he needs to protect his billionaire base. I am tired of feeling sorry for poor billionaires, and the 40 year lie of trickle-down economics.


Frank J. Thomeczek



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