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Biden Delivers in Four Months


Joe Biden has doubled his initial goal of 100 million vaccinated in his first 100 days, and now 60 percent of all adults have received at least one vaccination. The COVID-19 infection rates are now down to levels not seen since last April, when Donald Trump was President.

One can only speculate where we would be if Ex-President Trump had just followed science instead of lying and holding super spreader events. And getting out of this would not have been nearly as financially expensive if not for the incompetence, lies and laziness from Trump. There were 400,00 unnecessary and tragic deaths. Ex-President Trump’s main responsibility is to protect all of the American people, and I would rate him as a miserable failure in that regard.

Operation warp speed was a success, but in truth Pfizer developed its vaccine without any federal assistance. The fact is that due to ongoing research for the past 17 years on rna type viruses, the main factor slowing down the vaccine was testing.

President Biden’s vaccination program would be more successful if he could get the cooperation of all the American people. Forty percent of the Republicans are reluctant to take the shot. Many of the same people believe that the election was stolen, I you are assisting Vladimar Putin, who wants to keep us divided. 99.75 percent of all COVID-19 cases hospitalized have NOT received one dose of vaccine, and we don’t know much yet about the ME syndrome of chronic medical problems after “recovering” from the disease. There is so much yet to be learned.

Donald Trump and his big lie are two of the biggest scams ever posed to the America people. His own appointed judges, at all levels were unable to back him up, to include a unanimous SCOTUS ruling. Recall that Donald Trump openly bragged about how he had fixed the SCOTUS for his re-election.

The for The People act would be one of the most pro-democracy bills passed in decades. Moscow Mitch is understandably strongly opposed. It would somewhat decrease his cash cow of dark money funding his Senate, and increase the number of people who can vote without undue and intimidating voter suppression. The Republican’s love voter suppression, and partisan gerrymandering because it helps them steal elections, and there is a proven racial bias to much of it. In one N. Carolina case, the Judge declared “With 100 percent precision directed against Black people.” One web site seeking donations has ripped off some donators by a factor of ten times, resulting in over $60 million in refunds. Some people found their bank account cleaned out. If Trump would do that to his own supporters, who won’t he do it to?


Frank J Thomeczek


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