Biden lies and things we don’t need


President Joe Biden signed several executive orders in the Rose Garden last week concerning gun control.

“Cities across the country experienced historic spikes and homicides. As law enforcement can tell you, the violence is hitting black and brown communities the hardest. Homicide is the leading cause of death of black boys and men ages 15 to 34,” Biden said.

“There are programs that have demonstrated that they can reduce homicides by up to 60 percent in urban communities.”

Biden is right. It’s called more cops on the street, something that many Democrat controlled cities have been cutting, not expanding.

During his speech he told three lies that have been debunked by both and PolitiFact.

Biden lie number one: “Biden’s blanket statement that if you go to a gun show, you can avoid a background check, is wrong. It depends on who you buy from,” PolitiFact reported.

Biden lie number two: “He (Biden) said states with ‘red flag laws’ have seen reductions in suicides. But a review of research on whether the policies caused a reduction in total suicides found the evidence is inconclusive,” pointed out.

Biden lie number three: “The only industry in America — a billion-dollar industry — that can’t be sued — is exempt from being sued — are gun manufacturers,” Biden said. According to “They do have protections from civil lawsuits, but there are exceptions.”

Democrats continually lie when it comes to gun control. One thing they don’t lie about is the statement that “no one needs an AR-15 or semi-automatic rifle.”

It may come as a surprise to you but I agree with that statement. Also, no one needs to own massive amounts of guns. I personally know people who have gun “rooms” made of concrete with steel doors to guard their huge collection of fire arms.

They don’t need them.

Here are some other things no one needs: private jets, first class seats on commercial airlines, limousines, luxury yachts, diamond jewelery, any car that can go faster than 70 mph, campers, motor homes, satellite or cable TV, cell phones bigger than a flip phone, more than three pair of shoes, a home for a family of four bigger than 2,000 square foot, and a million dollar a year income.

The list can go on and on. The only things we need to survive are water, oxygen, shelter and food.

You get the point, most of the stuff we own, we don’t need. We buy most items because we want them and we can afford them.

My maternal grandfather, Edgar Koepke owned a semi-automatic 22 with a tube under the barrel that held up to 20 shells.

He didn’t need that gun, but it was sure fun to shoot. When properly cleaned and oiled you could take 20 shoots at a target in less than 10 seconds.

The downside was reloading the shells in the tube. It took some time to get them loaded correctly.

That was back in the 70s. The main difference between that gun and an AR-15 was how the shells entered the chamber. Everything else on an AR-15 is for stability and looks.

Using the argument that no one needs a semi-automatic rifle is a false premise.

Let me counter the statement Leftists would make right now — “nothing on your list kills people but guns.”

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report just 2.8 percent of all murders in the US were committed with a rifle in 2018. Rifles were used in fewer murders than knives, fists, and blunt objects that year.

In 2017 gun deaths were as follows: Suicides 60.8 percent; Non-Mass Homicide 36.8 percent; Unintentional 1.2 percent; Undetermined 0.9 percent; Mass Shooting 0.3 percent (which at 117 was the highest yearly total between 1992 and 2018).

To reiterate, the one thing that has proven to lower homicides is more cops on the street. Something most Democrat leaders have shunned in the past year as they have cut their budget by millions of dollars in cities across America.

According to a report on Fox News in the last year the “Portland Police Bureau’s budget is down $27 million. Eighty-four officer positions were eliminated and since last July 115 officers have quit the department, leaving 818 sworn members in a department that one year ago was budgeted to have 1,001.”

Some even go further. On Monday night Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib in a Twitter post called for an end of policing and incarceration.

And they wonder why gun violence is up.



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