Cashing in on your surname


To the Editor:

• Energy greenhorn Hunter Biden is paid millions by a Ukrainian energy firm.

• Chelsea Clinton, bachelor’s degree in history from Stanford and doctorate degree in international relations from Oxford (but no journalism experience) is employed by NBC.

• Jenna Bush Hager, B.A. in English (not journalism) from the University of Texas is a special correspondent for the “Today” show.

• Bill and Hillary Clinton start a charitable foundation to facilitate large donations from patrons seeking influence. 

• Bernie Sanders’ wife is employed by her husband’s political campaign.

Or, my favorite:

• Donald J. Trump awards the 2020 G7 summit meeting to the Trump National in Doral, Fla. His press secretary says the White House advance team vetted 10 locations and Trump National in Doral was “…far and away the best physical facility for this meeting.”

The news draws immediate fire from both Democrats and Republicans.

Something about hosting a major international summit at one of the president’s personal properties being highly unprecedented, and likely to violate the foreign emoluments clause of the Constitution.

Much to Trump’s chagrin, the location is withdrawn a mere two days later.

This presidential backpedaling stings more than usual because Donald Trump wrote the book on turning your surname into dollars. No one does it better and this time his efforts get quashed by supporters, detractors, and the Constitution.

The ol’ triple whammy!

Do any of these ethically-questionable instances surprise you?

They shouldn’t.

They’re all business as usual in Washington D.C., and the practice has been transpiring for years. It’s what happens when the people writing the laws place their self-interest above the interests of their constituents. 

Sound familiar?

Vent about the unfairness of it all to whoever will listen, but realize that the practice is not going to change. It’s too ingrained to change.

I’ve found that trying to make sense of all the shenanigans in today’s political climate is little more than an effort in futility. Save yourself the headache. 

If it’s mental anguish you crave, jump in the car.

Having to share the streets and highways with inattentive and feeble-minded drivers should more than satisfy any appetite you have for shock, anger, and frustration.

Patrick J. Leslie


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