Character matters


To the Editor:


First of all we wish to thank Jimmy Brandon for his well written Letter to the Editor in the May 13 Republican.

All of his points were so well articulated and, sadly, so true. We hear from local disenfranchised Republicans frequently who are saddened at the turn their party has taken. Many of us know personally of Republicans who will vote for the Democrat in the general election this year.

They may have given Mr. Trump the benefit of the doubt in the last election but they recognize now how sadly incompetent he is as a leader.

Mr. Brandon also addressed the opinion piece about the coverage of the alleged sexual act Joe Biden is accused of. As he said, how can Trump Republicans even want to make sexual allegations an issue? And whine about the coverage?

The story was investigated and reported in detail in the New York Times a little more than two weeks after Tara Reade changed her story to include the sexual act. Since then it has been reported about widely in all media, print, broadcast, liberal and conservative.

Ms. Reade’s motivation and timing have been examined and those assessments are there for the reading. Mr. Biden has addressed the issue, denied it strongly and asked for investigations to proceed into it.

Members of his staff have been interviewed and none state they were notified by Ms. Reade or were aware of the incident. Mr. Biden authorized documents from that period including any complaint filed by the accuser, which she alleged she did at the time, to be released.

No complaint filed by the accuser has been found to date. Ms. Reade deserves to be heard. We are sure any news organization would love to hold an interview with her. She should not be shamed or bullied for bringing this forward.

As to the comparison of this with the Kavanaugh case, it’s like apples and oranges. One was testifying in a confirmation hearing, the other is a running for President.

In the Kavanaugh case there was a credible witness who testified under oath and had sworn affidavit corroborators, and there were additional allegations against him which were not investigated because the GOP rushed it to vote. Biden’s time of judgment doesn’t come until November 3rd, election day. That is long time away.

Underlying these timelines are the essential characters of the men involved.

Brett Kavanaugh had a reputation of being a drunken party boy during his relevant school years while Joe Biden has been vetted twice by the FBI in order to serve as Vice President, has been married 43 years to the same woman and faithfully took the train home to Delaware every night. He has always fought for women’s rights and inclusiveness. You can find out Joe Biden’s policy proposals and stands on issues through our website:

And then we have Donald Trump…who has said out loud how much he loves to do the very act that Ms. Reade alleges to.

He has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior by 25 different women. His lawyer/fixer has served prison time for arranging to pay off a porn star who was coming out with her story publically before the 2016 election. He has been married three times and unfaithful to all of his wives…including the current one with said porn star.

Investigations will continue.

But so many women who have known Joe Biden for many years, worked with him and worked for him, and served with him in the Senate say they believe Joe. They have said the behavior is simply not who he is!

We have yet to see anything to convince us otherwise.


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