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Children victims of campaign to defeat Trump


There are millions of victims of the Democrat/media/deep state/big tech/swamp dweller campaign to defeat Donald Trump. The most severely impacted victims are our nation’s 60 million students, most of whom have not been allowed to go to school on a regular basis since COVID came on the scene in March. This means that for the past nine months most of America’s kids have been cheated out of an education.
Virtual learning is an abject failure. Why have we kept our kids home? The teachers’ unions, who own the Democratic Party, told us they wanted to protect the students and themselves. How many kids from New Jersey had to be protected? In that state not one child under 18 has died from COVID. In California, with a population of 40 million, two have died. In the entire country the number is 123. More than 500 kids in this age group have died from suicide, but we don’t hear much about that. Suicide is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mental health issues.
Within this group of students, are any hurt more than others? Absolutely. The Black kids are taking the brunt of this Democratic political tactic. Barack Obama and Joe Biden went along with this travesty. You couldn’t find bigger bigots.
Were the teachers really at risk? Teachers under 50 who came down with COVID had a 99.98 percentage chance of survival. Older teachers under 70 had a 99.5 percentage chance of survival. There is relatively little risk that teachers are going to get the virus from their students and if they do, they are overwhelmingly likely to survive.
Dr. Fauci recognizes all of this to be true and is strongly encouraging opening schools. He and rest of the scum knew this last summer, but chose to bash Trump, along with 60 million American students.
The courts should not allow the Biden “victory” to stand.


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