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China threatens America


Two famous sayings by John Paul Jones comes to mind in these trying time: “The statue of our homeland is no more than the measure of ourselves. Our job is to keep her free. Our will is to keep the torch of freedom burning for all. The second: Surrender? I have not yet begun to fight.
The Democrats with the 2020 election have perpetrated the most egregious treasonous act on the American people. Sydney Powell, an attorney investigating the corruption discovered that Venezuela had developed Dominion computers to achieve desired election results in their country and marketed these computers to the highest bidder. Enter George Soros, whose goal is to destroy America as he’s done to 15 other countries and the Clinton Foundation that wanted to destroy Trump. Powell reported these computers were in a CIA facility in Germany and manipulated by the Communist Chinese that had everything to gain with a Biden win. Don’t expect to find this in the news!
Election night: Trump is leading in all five battle-ground states by hundreds of thousands of votes. Suddenly, counting was stopped and when restarted in the morning Biden was leading----one call could manipulate votes! It’s been said, a raid retrieved these computers and they are in the right hands.
So, what happens when the Communist Chinese interferes in an election and the media blocks devastating information that the whole Biden family sold out America for wealth and power; revealed by Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s partner three weeks prior to the election! The Constitution gives the president all kinds of power in this national emergency as stated by General Flynn and General McInerney. The truth is in the computers and hundreds of sworn affidavits under threat of perjury by election witnesses.
China wants world dominance and released the virus to meet that goal, because Trump stood in their way. How many countries and people that lack integrity have the Chinese bought off? The Biden family started in late October 2013 and assisted China in getting territory in the S. China Seas to amass advanced weaponry. Through H. Biden, Archer and Heinz equity and realty companies China obtained nuclear weapon and stealth info and purchased companies advancing their military might. With a media that distorts everything that Trump says, blocks his successes and the corruption of his opponents, a republic won’t survive with people believing media lies!

Charlotte Schnieders
Jefferson City


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