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China has a population of 1.4 billion. An estimated 6.6 percent of the population are members of the Chinese Communist Party. That means there are some 91.9 million party members in China. That’s one helluva’ bunch of bad dudes. Don’t take my word for that, however. Check it out yourself. Find out just how bad Communists are.

The Communists are in total and complete charge in China. They — and they alone — are responsible for devastating that nation’s air, water and soil and in the process making much of China’s food supply toxic, along with a large portion of everything manufactured there.

To get a candid picture of how bad things are in China, enter just two words as you search Google, Bing, Firefox, DuckDuckGo or whatever search engine you prefer. Enter “China toxic” — nothing else — let your search engine do the work.

One of the first stories you will probably find is that China has the worst air pollution of any country. China’s polluted air is endangering the planet, but can you imagine the damage it is doing to its own people?

China’s water is unsafe to drink in many areas of the country. And that situation is only getting worse.

As bad as the air and water are, it is China’s soil that may be its downfall. Twenty percent of the land is so contaminated with heavy metals – cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury – that it will not produce crops.

And then there is a story by a conservation group that tops everything else I’ve come across. In western China heavy metals contaminate the discharge from mining operations. These discharges, along with effluent from pharmaceutical factories and industrial sewage are used to irrigate crops. Farmers told the reporter the water is so polluted it often kills part of the crop, but the farmers have no choice. There is so little rainfall in the area, the crops will definitely fail without the polluted water they use to irrigate with.

Consider what is happening in this situation: China is making its contaminated soil problem worse, while at the same time damaging the health of its people. And in this country Democrats, university folks, media types and miscellaneous leftists look down their noses at residents of red states and try to make the case that socialism and communism are good for the world.

What the Communists in China are doing to their own people, they are doing to us. National Public Radio is a wing of the Democrat Party that didn‘t have time last fall to look into allegations that Joe Biden was taking bribes from the CCP. But a few years ago, NPR had time to report that China had created a “housing disaster” in the U.S. by selling us toxic sheet rock. The Chinese didn’t stop at sheet rock. They sold us toxic baby food, toxic food for adults, toxic toys for kids, toxic mineral for our livestock, toxic candy, toxic toothpaste, toxic baby lotion. The Chinese Communists are wonderful folks, Joe Biden and his buddies would have us believe. Those folks get paid and paid well to sell the party line.

Rare-earth minerals are those used primarily in high tech. Look at what China has done to its environment to take a leadership role in the rare-earth mineral arena. Who benefits from these minerals? China, along with America’s Big Tech monopolies -- two groups of bad guys in bed with each other.

Let’s take another look at those numbers I talked about in the first paragraph. There are over 90 million members of the Communist Party in China. How many are there in this country. You can bet the number is huge. Many in the Democrat Party are no longer leftists; they are Communists pure and simple. The same is true of many in the federal government, the media, our leading universities, state and local government in many blue states, the Big Tech folks, a significant number of church officials, the people in Antifa and the Black Lives Matter. You name it and the Chinese Communist Party owns it or greatly influences it.

The best case in point of Chinese Communist Party influence is America’s president, Joe Biden. Joe’s family has taken more than $1.5 billion in bribes from the CCP. The Democrats don’t want to talk about this. Nor do the media. Nor the folks in Big Tech. Certainly not our university people. The Biden family does not even deny taking the bribes. They are a brazen bunch.


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