Column was ‘insensitive and narrow minded’


Hello Mr. Warden,

Regarding your article that includes the statement “I’m not letting this new strain of flu scare me or affect my actions”  could not be more insensitive and narrow minded.

We don’t wait to change our actions until everyone is sick and flooding the hospitals making healthcare workers decide who will receive a ventilator and who won’t. We must plan ahead, without hoarding, but taking precautions by not touching one’s face and making sure to wash hands after buying some groceries. Along with limiting exposure to others to only getting the necessities and staying at home to avoid increasing the chances of spreading the virus.

This article should never have been published, influencing any of its readers who may share the same amount of ignorance, but rather publishing how to be proactive and to help flatten the curve between the sick, healthy and those who are dying from this new virus strain.

You’re not the only “sane” person you know. Currently, far from it.

Try praying for others instead of asking for your readers to pray for you.


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