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Corona Virus and More Election Theft


Joe Biden had a goal of 100 million vaccines administered in the first 100 days.  He is now on track to double such, in fact under promising and overachieving.  Ex-President Trumps warp speed did deliver a vaccine in less than a year, he had no plan to get it administered.  

One of the biggest obstacles to all of us getting protected is Republican reluctance to get such, with some reports of over 40 percent.  Ex-President Trump got the vaccine while still in office.  No deaths have been reported from the vaccine.   

While it is true that the mortality rate for Covid-19 has greatly decreased, we don’t know the long-term effects of it.  People who thought that they were cured are having debilitating effects from such months afterward.  

Next Sunday being Easter, I recall that a year ago, Donald Trump had a goal of it all being over by Easter, it would just “Magically disappear.”  He knew that he was lying, and now reports are out that up to 400,00 unnecessary deaths occurred because of his deliberate deception. 

The GOP is resorting to their old tactics of voter suppression to try to steal the next election.   This is nothing new.  Remember Ex-President Trumps “Voter Integrity Commission” which disbanded after a year, with nothing of any value to find?   43 states are considering over 250 voter suppression laws, often using race as a criteria to prevent minorities from voting.  One of their goals is to force people to stand in artificially created long lines to exercise what should be their Constitutional Right.  In GA, it is now against the law to offer a person waiting in line a drink of water, and given Ex-President Trumps attitude that for women to use the restroom is “Disgusting”, is that going to be allowed?   Many court battles will follow but when the courts are rigged, it’s pretty tough to beat such draconian measures unless the case is so strong that it cannot be denied.  Donald Trump had tried doing to rig his re-election, but even his own judges laughed him out of court.  

For those concerned about the national debt, you should be aware that the last Republican President to balance the budget, for even one year, was Dwight D. Eisenhower.  40 years of this trickle-down lie have shown that the efficiency of such is about three percent.  We now have the top one percent, with 40 percent of the wealth paying a lower rate of taxation than the lowest 50 percent, with 1.5 percent of the wealth.  The Republican party has a pattern of wanting to pay the lowest economic class the least, but tax them the most.   

                  Frank J. Thomeczek


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