Do we truly believe what we preach?


To the Editor:

The news we received in recent weeks is dominated by reports about the corona 19 virus and how we should respond to it.

I listen to the recommended guidelines and try to follow with a concern to keep myself and others safe which leads me to my feelings about our Christian response. As you are aware I am a catholic and attend our local church and only speak to my feeling about the guidelines being suggested in catholic parishes.

The first guideline we received was to receive communion only in the form of bread and not the cup. Additionally, no handshakes, hugs, or physical contact to be used as offering sign of peace. I can understand no physical contact can be a reasonable request but should be an individual choice rather than more of a mandate.

I have had occasions when offering my hand to someone they declined for their personal reason and that is absolutely fine.

Now to what really has me questioning if we practice and believe what we preach. I have always been taught that in receiving the host and cup we are receiving Christ. Should I believe that Christ in receiving him will expose me to potential illness rather than protect me?

Since the stories in the bible tells us of the Christ that cured the lepers, blind, and drove out demons along with raising the dead am I to believe he would forsake me when I receive him into my body and soul? My personal belief is no matter who or what comes in contact with the host and cup once consecrated would never harm me. I am receiving Christ!

At this time when we should be spending more time in his house asking for help and less time letting earthly fears motivate our actions, I for one am willing to bet on Christ!

We all need him more than ever in these trying times and his house is where we should look for community, compassion, and most important his being an everyday part of our lives. Receiving him never leaves me fearful; rather it makes me face the world knowing I am not alone.

The questions to be answered: Do we truly believe what we preach and do we practice it? Can we enter his house and leave our earthly concerns in his hands?

Thanks for letting me vent.


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