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Criteria for election to an American political office, should require love of this country, adherence to the constitution, bill of rights, man’s laws, knowledge of “true” history, business ownership, cognitive ability and common sense. Biden/Harris have none of these! A resume’ shouldn’t include sexual favors for powerful people, unconditional support of their policies and dark skin color. Their disastrous policies, weaknesses, lack of knowledge in the debates showed powerful Democrats they could be manipulated, so campaigns were resurrected and the election stolen.

The global elites hated Trump for putting “America First” and delaying the “Great Reset” (Agenda 21) planned by the “World Socialist VP” in 1992. Trump had the greatest economy, lowest unemployment, low individual/corporate taxes, made America #1 in energy production, brought businesses back, improved trade agreements, initiated Project 1776 to teach true history & America’s greatness, rebuilt our military, added a Space Force, built a border wall to keep drug smugglers/deadly fentanyl, terrorists and illegals from entering, lowered pharmaceutical costs and pulled out of Obama era Iran and Paris Accord that funded & aided our enemies. Globalist couldn’t steal America’s wealth with such a strong president and had to destroy him!

Fauci predicted in January 2017, “Trump would face a “surprise Infectious disease outbreak” and yearly sent billions to Communist Chinese to create a deadly virus, find a cure, with no oversight. Rumors indicate China made a bio-chemical weapon and has threatened America. Chinese silenced news of infected Wuhan virologists, allowed the virus to spread causing deaths and economic disaster worldwide to become #1 world power. The Communist helped finance Biden’s campaign, are part of his illegal, financial involvement in Hunter’s equity firm and can blackmail him. Don’t expect a thorough investigation of the Chinese labs.

In four short months, ignoring their Constitutional oath, the globalist Biden and Democrats have undone all of Trump’s successes and are funding America’s destruction to steal your wealth with Hitler-like media lies that indoctrinated fools absorb like sponges! Those costs & dangers of vaccines were listed in May 26 article, Pray for America. Biden allowed cyber-attacks on gas and food production---is the Pentagon, financial systems, hospitals and electric grid next? Democrats fought to preserved slavery, Jim Crow laws, segregations, deny school choice but will buy black votes with $12 trillion more for reparations, give 20+ million DACA, 100,000 Haitians & retrieve criminals Trump deported for citizenship. Dems goals: use IRS to attack conservatives, remove guns from citizens—not criminals, close prisons eliminate the filibuster, stacked the Supreme Court, federally run voting with no ID they call racist, but mandated vaccine passports aren’t? How would “any veteran” respond if asked, was giving your life, your health worth the government we have today?

Submitted by

Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City


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