Gasconade County Commission Minutes

Posted 3/25/21

March 25, 2021

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Gasconade County Commission Minutes


March 25, 2021

The Gasconade County Commission met with Presiding Commissioner Larry Miskel at the Courthouse beginning with Pledge of Allegiance. Attendance: Commissioner Jerry Lairmore, Present; Commissioner Jim Holland, Present; Presiding Commissioner Larry Miskel, Present.

Commissioner Jerry Lairmore made a motion to approve prior commission minutes dated 3/18/2021 8:30 AM. Commissioner Jim Holland seconded the motion. The motion passed by vote: Jerry Lairmore (Yes), Jim Holland (Yes), Larry Miskel (Yes).

WARRANTS FOR PAYMENT ‑ 116859 through 116873
Commissioner Jerry Lairmore made a motion to approve the following items:
WARRANTS FOR PAYMENT 116859 through 116873
Commissioner Jim Holland seconded the motion. The motion passed by vote: Jerry Lairmore (Yes), Jim Holland (Yes), Larry Miskel (Yes).

Commissioner Lairmore said he had talked with Roger Dahl, road overseer, who is currently recuperating at home after surgery; he is doing okay and due to go back to the doctor on April 1 and will find out then when he will be released to come back to work.

Commission opened 2 bids for herbicide spray, 3 bids for rebar and 3 bids for concrete; they will be copied and sent to the road dept. for review and recommendation for acceptance at next week's session.

Commission will leave session today and go to Drake to conduct 3 interviews in closed session, for the ISM position being vacated by Debbie Thomas.

Treasurer Mike Feagan reported being contacted this week by the gentleman that gave the $5000 for deposit in trust for maintenance of the Richardson cemetery; he indicated that there will be additional contributions made by other family members and those can be used to fund the maintenance of the cemetery. Treasurer Feagan will set up the new bank account and Commissioner Lairmore will contact the person that had maintained the cemetery in the past to let them know they can continue to do so.

Commissioner Lairmore contacted Maciejewski Pluming and Heating to let them know to order the new water fountains; Commissioner Holland contacted Glen Englert construction about a bid on the new wooden doors to be built and installed at the Courthouse and he will submit that soon. Clerk Lietzow said the new metal detector with temperature detector was ordered by Sheriff Scott Eiler and is being paid for today from CARES Act funds. He was here to talk to Commission about the faster internet service he was hoping to implement for his office; he reminded Commission that when the rest of the Courthouse signed up with Callabyte last year, the Sheriff's dept. opted to go with Centurylink fiber optic lines, but that has proven to not be fast enough. The previous administration had purchased a livescan fingerprint machine that was likely very expensive, and would be nice to use for conceal/carry permits, booking prisoners or any fingerprint needs, but can't be used with slow internet; he is considering sending it back if it can't be used. He said when checking into it, he found out that the Centurylink contract extends until April 2022 and would cost around $1500 to buy out; his dept. approached Callabyte about buying out that contract so they could switch, and Callabyte agreed to consider it, if the county would consider expanding on their services to include new telephone system. Commission is very interested in that offer, because the subject of telephone system was just discussed a couple weeks ago; Sheriff Eiler will provide Clerk Lietzow with the contact information for whom they spoke to and maybe they can be scheduled to discuss this further with Commission.

Presiding Commissioner Miskel provided everyone with copies of the MRPC federal priorities list that would normally have been delivered in person to Washington DC, but was instead handled via ZOOM; they were able to speak with both Senators Hawley and Blunt and Repr. Luetkemeyer, Hartzler and Smith. Areas of discussion included Health Care, Environment, Energy, Education, Transportation, Homeland Security, Local Government issues, Economic Development and COVID‑19 related recommendations.

Commission acknowledged receipt of the 2021 Bicentennial banner to be displayed inside the Courthouse celebrating the state's 200th anniversary of statehood and personalized for Gasconade County; also included was a bicentennial flag that is meant to be displayed outside, just below the Missouri flag.

Commissioner Lairmore had spoken with Associate Circuit Judge Ada Brehe‑Krueger this morning who was not very happy with the news article in this week's edition of the Gasconade County Republican, where it said she was prepared to start sending offenders to jail rather than schedule supervised community service work; she wanted on record that she will not paint all offenders with a broad stroke, and will determine the punishment to fit the crime committed. The article was in reference to municipal offenders not being supervised and the bringing of the orange trash bags to the Courthouse for disposal.

Sheriff Eiler had asked for closed session with Commission to discuss personnel matters as per RSMo 610.021.3 and Commission agreed.

Commissioner Jerry Lairmore made a motion to go into Executive Session to discuss personnel matters authorized by RSMo 610.021 and in compliance with RSMo 610.022. Presiding Commissioner Larry Miskel seconded the motion. The motion passed by vote: Jerry Lairmore (Yes), Jim Holland (Yes), Larry Miskel (Yes).

Commissioner Jerry Lairmore made a motion to close Executive Session and reconvene as the Gasconade County Commission. Presiding Commissioner Larry Miskel seconded the motion. The motion passed by vote: Jerry Lairmore (Yes), Jim Holland (Yes), Larry Miskel (Yes).
No motions were made or votes taken on any matter.

Commissioner Jim Holland made a motion to adjourn commission until 4/1/2021. Commissioner Jerry Lairmore seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned.


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