God is good!


To the Editor:

Gasconade County is so fortunate to have Dennis Warden to write his Editorials in the Gasconade County Republican. Thank you Dennis, and yes I do know you do your fact checking. Someday I hope I have the honor to meet you.

Anyone can fact check by typing in your concern on a computer and ask for it to be fact checked.

Now for my opinion. No one will ever take God out of our lives or out our hearts! No one will ever take our great country from us! United we stand.

After I retired, I picked up my father’s Holy Bible and read the entire Old and New Testament. This was my greatest accomplishment. I now strive daily to be a better person as this is what God wants us to do.

We are not ignorant and we have the right to our own opinion.

We have the right to worship and believe in God.

We have the right to raise our families in peace.

We have the right to choose our own president!

People often ask me, how do you know where to get honest news? I tell them I watch Fox News Channel out of Washington D.C. Hannity airs Monday through Friday evenings.

You will never forget Judge Jeanne aired Saturday evenings.

You won’t want to miss Mark Levine Sunday evening. All available weekly on Fox News Channel. I feel comfortable receiving honest news coverage from these programs on Fox News Channel. Give them a try and then you decide.

Proud to be an American.


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