To the Editor:

For two weeks in a row this paper’s readership was exposed to Dennis Warden’s ferreting out previously published examples of Democratic hypocrisy.

He concluded by regretting that he didn’t have room to similarly cover “global warming and mask mandates.”

We don’t doubt that he could have fulfilled that self-appointed role. Politics is, after all, fertile and broad ground for

interpreting ethical inconsistency and there’s a cottage industry of right leaning sources who specialize in providing fuel for that fire.

This invites a response in kind, but we’ll pass up the opportunity and ask instead why Mr. Warden isn’t also seeking out examples of Republican hypocrisy?

Wouldn’t the standards of journalism suggest that course?

Wouldn’t common sense inform Mr. Warden that his good Republican soldiering is just driving people further into the recesses of their partisan blindness?

Does the image of two men, hands at each other’s throats, tumbling off a cliff ever cross his mind?

At our best, settling differences is a challenge. At our reflexive worst, we’re losing. We’re losing our respect for one another, our basic sense of caring, our ethics, and very nearly, our status as a functioning democracy.

When will we grow so desperate that we resort to open-mindedness and hope that empathy follows?

Gasconade County Democrat Committee (gasconadedems.org).


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