If Trump was president

From the Gasconade County Democrat Committee
Posted 3/9/22

Donald Trump has either great fear, admiration, or both for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

He just recently said how much he admired the plan Putin put in place which, in his mind, justified the …

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If Trump was president


Donald Trump has either great fear, admiration, or both for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

He just recently said how much he admired the plan Putin put in place which, in his mind, justified the horrible invasion of Ukraine happening now. Trump would never stand up against Putin.

Remember when our FBI and CIA found evidence of Putin interfering with the 2016 election and Trump said he believed Putin over his own intelligence departments? He always gave in to Putin, always bowed and scraped to him and other dictators. He cowers before tyrants and rolls belly up to please them.

He handed the Kurdish homelands over to Turkey, just because Putin buddy, Erdogan, demanded it. He ordered our troops to stand down while our Kurdish allies were slaughtered. At the same time he handed over our Syrian bases to Putin. 

Without a single shot.

He pulled out of our alliance which kept Iran’s nuclear program in check, and, Putin ally Iran, smirked and started it up again.

Trump stopped our military exercises with South Korea because Kim Jong Un demanded it — and got nothing in return but a “love letter.”

He even stood at attention and saluted Kim’s North Korean general.

He then did nothing while North Korea restarted it’s nuclear program, and nothing when Kim continued to threaten us.

It needs to be remembered that we HAD to pull out of Afghanistan on short notice because Trump had made an agreement with our enemy, the Taliban, to hand the country over to them by that date. No wonder the Taliban rushed in before we had a chance to get everyone we wanted to get out in time.

It needs to be remembered that Trump wanted to sell out Ukraine to Russia for “dirt” on Biden’s son. For only that. He was impeached for that. 

And he would hand Ukraine over to Putin now.

President Zelensky is under Putin’s death sentence, but he is not hiding or running away. He has refused to leave his country and is inspiring and leading his people in this very tough time.

Trump on the other hand hid in his bunker when protesters came to Washington. He had them tear gassed, cleared out and arrested just so he could have a photo op.

Trump rallied HIS mob on January 6th and said he would march with them to the Capitol.

He did not.

He cut and ran back to safety and cheered while our capitol was sacked, desecrated and our elected officials were threatened…and people died. Mike Pence was being threatened with hanging and Trump waited hours before he made a statement. He was impeached again for that.

Trump is NOT a “tough guy.”

He lies again when he says Putin would not dare to take Ukraine if he were president. He disdained our European allies and NATO. Now the only reason sanctions are working to hopefully stop Putin is because we have those allies and NATO.

If Trump had been re-elected, NATO would be in shambles and Putin would own Ukraine and would be moving on to other prizes. Putin already has threatened Sweden and Finland with war if they join NATO. Putin didn’t do this invasion during the Trump administration because he didn’t have to.

Trump was working on weakening NATO…something Putin has wanted to do for years. 

Now the whole world, and even Republicans, have joined together to support Ukraine and condemn Putin.

Now Mike Pompeo, Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump are hoping everyone forgets that they were admiringly praising Putin just before the invasion. The former guy’s actions over his time as president speak louder than his words now.

If Trump were president, we would be on the wrong side. We dodged that bullet, thankfully, and we need to make sure he NEVER is allowed to be president again.


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