In my opinion — it works both ways

By Donald E. Warden, Publisher Emeritus The Gasconade County Republican
Posted 2/26/20

In a recent letter to the editor, entitled “You are what you swallow,” the Democratic Club’s premise works both ways.

It seems to me they are swallowing whatever the national …

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In my opinion — it works both ways


In a recent letter to the editor, entitled “You are what you swallow,” the Democratic Club’s premise works both ways.

It seems to me they are swallowing whatever the national Democratic Party puts forth as truth. They complain about Trump, but their facts and observations are just like those espoused on CNN, the Democratic propaganda machine.

I been told that channel brags that they do not allow any Republican viewpoints or other divergent comments to permeate their airwaves.

Just so our readers know, I’m just as opinionated as the Democrats and felt the need to answer their letter. I usually watch FOX NEWS because they almost always allow a divergent opinion, a Democratic Congressman or some other Democrat to voice their opinion on almost all subjects, especially politics. I get both sides of a question.

Not so with CNN.

And now to answer their letter: The Democrats (Gasconade County Democrats Club) stated that the great political divide in our country is not over conservative and liberal issues, its about deception and perception. But I say that the divide IS about conservative and liberal issues, not just how you see them.

The liberal Democrats want to be all things to all people, and to have government rule our lives by telling us what we can and cannot do. They want government domination. Tax and spend. Socialism — take from those who have and give to those who want.

The Republicans on the other hand, want to give people the right and ability to do what they want to make their own lives better, as individuals. To attain their wants and to live as they wish, not as someone else wishes. Pay your own way. Trump has made this possible by cutting out many of the regulations the previous administration saddled this country with.

You can complain about Trump’s brashness and vocabulary, his Tweets and use of social media, but he gets results. That’s what counts.

Just think how great our country would be if the Democrats were helping Trump make the country great, instead of hindering him in every way.

In the recent strictly partisan impeachment trial, the Democrats did not provide any first-hand proof that President Trump did any thing wrong. They provided “opinions and witnesses” that made “assumptions” about what the president did. Conjecture and assumptions are not proof in any trial, and never have been.

The Democrats complain that the Senate didn’t allow for new testimony from new witnesses, but failed to say that the House of Representative could have called those same witnesses, but didn’t want to take the time, and then later, wanted the Senate to do this for them.

The Club complained about the impartiality of the GOP Senate judges, but failed to say that the Democratic judges were just as impartial, and in fact even more so. None of the Democratic Senators voted across the isle.

They also didn’t allow the president’s lawyers or the Republicans in the House to cross-examine the opinion witnesses during the House trial. That was not a fair trial in any sense, but they demand a fair trial in the Senate.

It was strictly partisan politics and that is not the way impeachment was meant to take place, according to historians. It was set up in the constitution to be bipartisan. But the Democrats do not want to take history or the constitution into account, they want only to make new rules that suit their agenda.

The same way with Supreme Court judges.

What the Democratic Club said in their letter, about the Republicans, works the same way in reverse — the Democrats will swallow whatever the Democratic party puts forth as truth.

It is the pot, calling the kettle black.

As I said in the title of this piece, this is my opinion. Everyone is allowed to voice their opinion, Democrats and Republicans alike.

That is what our country was founded on and subscribes to in our constitution. I just was tired of the Democratic Club ramblings and wanted to put forth my own ramblings in response.


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