Timely Commentary

January Sisters Day

Posted 2/3/21

I remember when I went from Visitation grade school into Maries R-1 in 1965. There was a whole big room for the library. At Visitation we had a shelf in each classroom with books on them. In the …

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Timely Commentary

January Sisters Day


I remember when I went from Visitation grade school into Maries R-1 in 1965. There was a whole big room for the library. At Visitation we had a shelf in each classroom with books on them. In the library they had a book titled 1975. This book talked about how the world would be in 1975. Computers and robots and things that seemed so new and way different then what 1965 had to offer. And I remember thinking how far in the future that was. Well, it came and went and now we wear computers on our wrists or carry them in our pockets. But 1975 doesn’t feel that long ago. A lady I worked with explained it to me. She said, “When you’re 5 a year is one-fifth of your life which is a pretty big piece.  When you’re 60 a year is one 60th which is a much smaller part of your life and that’s why time goes by faster as you age.” This sounds like as good an explanation as any.

It is also the first Sisters Day of a new year. We gathered at Shirley Huffman’s home. Since I am still laid up Lucy came by to pick me up. It’s really nice to have a sister so close. Those present today were Lucy Branson, Mary Jo Crider, Shirley Huffman our hostess, Linda Crider, Pam Hale and Susie Kleffner. Betty West is in Arizona for a visit with her daughter but she was present in our hearts.

Speaking of breakfast just wait until you hear. We had hot biscuits fresh from the oven, sausage patties, pecan pie muffins, cream cheese croissants, pear honey, strawberry jam, coffee and tea.  Need I say more. It was easy to say what was best right up to the time you tried the next thing. We are so blessed to have so many great cooks in the family. I guess we have Mom, Anna Crider, to thank for teaching us all to cook. She was a good cook too.

 Of course, no meal would be complete without the conversation. Since Lucy moved, she was going to change banks so she went to the one I use in Wardsville. She has banked in Vienna for many years so she was not prepared for all the changes in the banking world. Like, having to have a computer to make use of all the wonderful features offered today. If you don’t have a computer your just S.O.L. You want a paper copy of your bank statement you’re also S.O.L. Or you pay extra, etc.

Some of the sisters have signed up to get the Covid vaccine when it becomes available. I haven’t yet. As with everything else to do with covid, there are all kinds of stories going around about it. People who have not had the virus get the shot and then get it. A perfectly healthy 34-year-old health care worker took the vaccine and in three days was dead. They just forgot to put in their story that he died from some underlying condition he didn’t even know he had. Lucy’s granddaughter read that on social media and immediately called Lucy and made her promise not to get the shot. 

From there we moved on to the new rules about getting citizenship in this country. Currently it takes about eight years to get citizenship. Soon they will be given it automatically upon request. Needless to say, this is not setting to well with the people who have been working to become citizens. Another little fact is that 90% of the people borne in this country could not pass the test.

We discussed family issues and how they are being affected by the conditions of the world today. People from your own neighborhood find out your house is empty they come in and try to take your stuff. Especially if they find out their neighbor has died. Then there is shooting right on your street some times two or three houses down from you. It is hard to see these things in your own neighborhood. 

The breakfast table was cleared and Shirley came in carrying a stack of papers and a fist full of pens. She handed them out. The paper was a picture word puzzle. It was hard but fun. We fussed and studied and exchanged answers. We did a lot of “moaning” and “of coursing” when Shirley read the answers.

Shirley left and came back with a box full of devotional books, bookmarks, poems, refrigerator magnets and pray cards. Take what you want. It was all things that came with solicitations that come in the mail.  Looking through it all was as much fun as selecting what we could use.

Once that chore was complete the table was cleared and set for lunch. Shirley set out a big, and I mean “BIG” pot of Shipwreck Stew. In the pot was hamburger, red beans, potatoes, celery, corn, diced tomatoes and broth. Oh my gosh, what a delight. Then she set a big Stromboli on the table. That’s yeast dough layered with Italian sausage, peperoni, different cheeses and anything else you want to add. It rolled then baked to a golden brown and was just as tasty as the stew. As if that wasn’t enough, we had peach pie and No Kidding Cake. Just roll me under the table and wake me for breakfast.

We talked about fixing up your house after so any years of living there. Bathroom remodel was tops on our list then kitchens. Way back in the day they had one-piece tub shower combos that had to be placed before the walls and roofs went on. Well, they apparently don’t wear out so if you want to change it you have to cut it into pieces to take them out. Well, to we old frugal Germans that is almost a sin. Many bullets have been bitten as the cutting begins.  We talked again about how real estate people try to get you to redecorate your house before they can sell it. 

They want to get a higher price so their commissions will be higher. You can’t blame them we all want to make our jobs as profitable as possible. Most of us decided it didn’t matter rather the $10,000 or $15,000 comes off the asking price or off the closing cost. You know most people will at least repaint and some will want new floors or a complete remodel, to let them do the work. We have enough to do packing and moving after 50 years without redoing the house again.

Pam had Darrell lost at supper time the other night. She finally called him. He said he was sitting in the pasture watching and eagle sitting up in a tree. He had been watching it for 20 minutes and it just sat there. After a while he saw a cow down by the woods walking and mooing so he went down to see what was up. He found a dead calf then he knew what the eagle was waiting for—its supper. 

Lucy looked out her window the other morning and saw a hawk sitting in a tree below her new apartment. She watched it for a good while. She went to quilt a little and when she went to check on the hawk it was gone. Lucy has been busy meeting her new neighbors. So, don’t worry about her being lonesome. You know what a good neighbor Lucy is. 

We talked about pictures on our phones. There are pictures of ice storms and grandkids and animals in the yard or on the desk. Plus, the many beautiful pictures you can find on the internet. Everything from outer space to ancient artifacts and oh so many of the wonders of nature.

We also talked about how many things you can clean with denture tablets besides your teeth. Shirley cleaned her coffee pot by dropping in several tablets and letting it set for about an hour then she wiped it out, clean as new. Someone said a few tablets in the toilet bowl will clean it too.

I started my physical therapy and have high hopes I’ll be back to normal, whatever that is, before too long. 

Thought: A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot, and realize how blessed you are.

Advice from an old farmer: Sometimes you get and sometimes you get got.


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