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Take a stand


To the Editor:

Over the past year you have published many letters from the “Democratic Club of Gasconade County,” mostly filled with hatred of President Trump and saying what an evil and corrupt person he was.

Now Trump is gone and maybe we can start discussing real issues facing the country.

We know where the Democrat Party stands based on their platform. We know where Biden stands from the executive orders he has signed. I realize that some party members may not always agree with the central party. My question is: Does the DCGC approve of these actions, they are official Democrat policy?

1. Should biological boys be allowed to play in womens sports if they claim a female identity?

2. Should they be allowed to use female rest rooms and locker rooms?

3. Should the government pay for sex change operations?

4. Should counseling of young people seeking identity change be forbidden?

5. Should unborn babies (fetuses) be killed anytime before birth or sometimes after?

5. Should transgenders be allowed to serve in the army? Men in womens barracks?

6. Should nonvoting noncitizens be counted in the census that determines voter distribution?

7. Should student college loans be forgiven?

8. Should there be an easy path to citizenship for illegal aliens?

Lots more, but that’s a start of open discussion.

August Hoernschemeyer

Owensville, Mo.


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