Timely Commentary

March Sisters Day

Posted 4/7/21

March 16 dawned with the promise of a beautiful day. It turned out to be that in more ways than one.

We met at the home of Susie Kleffner for a wonderful breakfast. Those present were Lucy …

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Timely Commentary

March Sisters Day


March 16 dawned with the promise of a beautiful day. It turned out to be that in more ways than one.
We met at the home of Susie Kleffner for a wonderful breakfast. Those present were Lucy Branson, Mary Jo Crider, Shirley Huffman, Linda Crider, Pam Hale, Susie Kleffner, our hostess, and special guest Jodi Huffman, our niece from California.
Shirley’s son, Rob and daughter-in-law Jodi came for a 2-week visit. They brought Shirley a BIG puzzle. When Shirley held the box up, we all gasped and moaned. It was the view of big city street in shades of gray. The picture was nothing but walls and windows. OMG when looking at it you wander what happened to the other 30 shades of gray. Good luck Shirley! Maybe Mary Jo will help you with it.
Breakfast was as tasty as it always is at Susie’s. It is amazing how many different kinds of breakfast casserole there are. Susie managed to find one that stands out from the rest. It was named simply Sausage Casserole. It had subtle flavors that made it exceptional. Susie paired it with a cinnamon and sugar cheese cake and a bowl of fresh mixed fruit. It was a delicious way to start the day.
Conversation filled in the breaks between bites.
Lucy reminded us of the citywide yard sale in Wardsville on May 7 and 8.
Betty and her daughters are coming in April to set up Betty’s estate sale. Watch the paper for more information.
Jodi, Shirley’s daughter-in-law, told us about a virtual (on the computer) knitting group she belongs to. Jodi has several projects going which she has worked on since she’s been here. She had a circle scarf on that she made twice since she has been here. She remade it because the stitch she used the first time didn’t look quite right. She took it apart and remade it with a much more attractive stitch. The scarf was in crème, tan, and brown. No one said anything but I think we all would have liked to have it. I know I did.
We talked about having breakfast for supper. Many a time we’ve ended the day with biscuits and gravy or pancakes. Dinner isn’t the only meal to be switched. The other day I had a fish sandwich for breakfast.
Jodi and Rob live up in the mountains about 20 minutes from the Pacific Ocean. Jodi said with all the earthquakes they have out there they may soon be living a lot closer to the ocean.
Shirley was talking about a blog on the internet about how they used a bible to form the Catholic Mass parts. The address is: BibleandtheMass.com in case anybody is interested.
We complained about the slow mail. It seems we are back to it taking three to five days for a letter in snail mail to get delivered. However, some have taken up to two weeks. One of the sisters mailed a package that took six months to be delivered.
I have a joke that I just have to share. I just love it.
Uncle Bill took his nephew Buddy on a cattle drive. Uncle Bill told him his job would be to keep watch behind them so no cattle rustler sneaks up to take the cattle. So, Buddy kept a close watch. After a while he spotted someone off in the distance and called Uncle Bill and told him “someone was coming.” Uncle Bill asked “how big is he?” Buddy spread his finger about an inch apart and said “about this big.” Uncle Bill said ”keep an eye on him.” Later Buddy come up to Uncle Bill and said he’s still coming. Uncle Bill said “well how big is he now?” Buddy said “He’s about a foot tall now.” Uncle Bill said “keep a close eye on him” So Buddy did. Uncle Bill came back and asked Buddy “how big is he now” Buddy said “he’s about three feet now” Uncle Bill said “watch him close” so Buddy did. In about three hours Uncle Bill came up to Buddy and asked him “how big is he now?” Buddy said “he’s about five feet,” Uncle Bill said “don’t take your eyes off him.” Buddy said “okay.” An hour later Buddy come riding up to Uncle Bill and said “he’s as big as we are.” Uncle Bill shouted “shoot him, shoot him.” Buddy looked at him and said “oh, uncle I can’t shoot him. I’ve known him since he was this big” and spread his finger to an inch apart.
I just couldn’t resist.
With breakfast over we sorted ourselves out into two cars for a shopping trip to Belle, Bland and Rolla. Lucy and I rode with Mary Jo. Shirley, Jodi and Pam rode with Susie.
Our first stop was Annie’s Attic in Belle a charming little antique shop. The owner is one of the sister’s biggest fans. As we prepared to leave, she thanked us for coming and said “you made my day” and comments like that makes our day.
I am still using my walker and I had some trouble getting back in the vehicle so at the next stop I didn’t get out. I can’t even remember where it was. Sorry
Our last stop was the Rustic Lantern in Bland. We drove and drove looking for it. Up and down and around the town. When we finally located the shop, it had a nice level parking lot. The Rustic Lantern has a wonderful array of antiques and craft items.
When we left the shop, I slide right in the vehicle. It is kind of embarrassing when your 80 something sisters have to load my walker in the car. I’m glad I’m still mobile and I thank God they are here and able to help.
We searched for several shops we found on the internet and in the paper. Most of them were not where they said they were.
It was getting on toward one o’clock and time for lunch. We dined at Sput’s bar and restaurant just down Highway 63 from the Vichy Wye.
The walls and vaulted ceiling were covered with pine boards. The walls were hung with a variety of beer signs. The wall behind the bar was hung with steel traps of all sizes.
The waitress was a little slow to come to our table. They had a nice selection of food, we ordered. It took a while to get it but we had no trouble filling the time. The waitress brought our food and we dug in. In talking to the waitress, we found out she was the only one working. When she said she was the only one working and she meant it. She was cooking, serving, waiting table and busing them. We truly appreciated her effort and friendly attitude. Susie’s son was right it is a good place to eat.
Though we never made it to Rolla we did pass their airport. I know because I saw the sign.
We visited on the drive home. Mostly we talked about pizza and all the different types they have now. You can find something to eat even if you aren’t hungry for pizza.
We all made it home safely and another sister’s day came to an end.
Thank You Susie for a wonderful day.
Jodie, we were happy to have you as our guest. You and Rob be careful on your drive back to California.
Thought: And finally, in all living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, and not just endured.
Advice from an old farmer: Remember that silence is sometime the best answer.


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