Partisan littering


To the Editor:


First I want to thank the Democratic Club for picking up trash along Highway 28. That is part of the great American tradition of taking care of local problems locally.

Too often the attitude is “the county, state or federal government should take care of the problem.”

However there is no rational basis for making the assumption that litterers are all demonstrators or Trump supporters. I suspect that most of the litter is from McDonald’s. Can you also make the same assumption about Mac’s customers?

Another great American tradition that is protected by the constitution is the right to assemble and protest unfair treatment by the government. It seems like the protests have been mainly against state governments that have taken the “one size fits all” approach with statewide regulations. In the case of Michigan the government imposed the same regulations on upper Michigan — where there were very little problems — as the Detroit area where there was a big problem.

Locally common sense and science tells us that Gasconade County should not have the same restrictions as St. Louis unless there is some St. Louis traffic as along I-44 or I-70. If some residents of Owensville need to be in St. Louis frequently they should be practicing social distancing and other means to protect their neighbors.

Some weeks ago we had a discussion of civility. Words like misfits, self-centeredness, are not.


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