Pop goes the weasel


To the Editor:

Weasels use weasel words and behave…weaselly.

That is exactly what the previously disgraced-from-office Eric Greitens is doing these days as he slinks away from his latest gun-toting campaign ad. In this most recent version he, astoundingly, leads a group of heavily weaponized commando-types on a home invasion raid in search of RINOs (Republicans In Name Only).

Panned across the board, he’s now labeling his effort as a “metaphor” (weasel word) and just a joke (weasel, weasel). 

While “RINO hunting” may have had a clever ring inside his narcissistic, little, power-hungry noggin, is this man totally oblivious to the temper of the nation? 

We’ve got armed crazies shooting up our schools, attacking our Capitol and terrorizing any group they don’t like. We’ve got the gun industry so deep into the psyche of many guys that they need to have a gun collection like a tricked-out Rambo or feel they are no man at all.

And wouldn’t it have been refreshing to hear, instead of veiled threats, some genuine reaching out toward reason and national tranquility?

The one illuminating feature that Greitens does contribute is an estimation of his target audience. He clearly sees the Trump diehards as able to be sold any bill of goods if it salutes the BIG Lie, packs, and is willing to intimidate rational dissent for the sake of staying in lock step. 

We realize that many on the right can’t hear anything we Democrats have to say. But if you can interpret weasel, listen to and watch one of your own.

Gasconade County Democrat Committee, gasconadedems.org


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