Reader submits poem asking citizens to turn away from violence, toward God


Maries County Advocate reader Lucy Branson has submitted a poem she believes is appropriate for “this time in our lives” and asked it be shared with our readers.

Branson is one of the Crider family sisters, also known as the ladies who faithfully attend Sisters Day each month and an article is featured each month in this publication.

Branson said, “My heart is crying for our country of so many people who are repeating the same actions of our ancestors, over and over. Why can’t they see violence never works for the betterment of an unacceptable situation.”

The poem is by American author, poet and educator, Helen Steiner Rice (1900-1980), who wrote religious and inspirational poetry. She wore many hats including being an editor of greeting cards with the Gibson Art Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. She became known as the Poet Laureate of Inspirational Verse. One of her poems follows:

In God is Our Strength

It’s a troubled world we live in

and we wish that we might find

not only happiness of heart

but longed for peace of mind.

But where can we begin our search

in the age of automation

with neighbor against neighbor

and nation against nation,

where values have no permanence

and change is all around

And everything is sinking sand

and nothing solid ground.

Have we placed our faith in leaders

unworthy of our trust?

Have we lost our own identity

and allowed our souls to rust?

Have we forgotten Babylon

and Egypt, Rome and Greece

And all the mighty rulers

who lived by war not peace

Who built their thrones and empires

on power and man made things.

and never know God’s greatness

or that he was King of Kings.

But we’ve God’s Easter promise

so let us seek new goals

that open up new vistas

for our eternal souls

For our strength and our security

lie not in earthly things

But in Christ the Lord who died

and rose as King of Kings.


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