For the Record

Report card on Biden


Could the lies and misrepresentations coming from the administration and the media get any worse? It’s hard to imagine that they could.
We have been told for years that Trump was the laughing stock of the world. Russia and China last week showed how false that was. Even Obama’s apology tours were not as embarrassing as the attacks leveled against our country by the leaders of Russia and China. In plain sight of people the world over – friends and foes — Biden is having increasing difficulty in both talking and walking. It’s no wonder Russia and China are willing to challenge us.
The media are being particularly nasty since the shootings in the Atlanta massage parlors. With no evidence, they are claiming the American people are anti-Asian. Vice President Kamala Harris (or is she President Harris, as Joe Biden has said?) this week cited as an example of our prejudice against Asians, the fact 120,000 Japanese Americans were put in prison camps during World War II. She forgot to point out that this was done in the administration of Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt, who is still a champion to many Democrats because of his New Deal. The next New Deal we will see is the multi-trillion-dollar Green New Deal that will harm the U.S. immeasurably, while helping Joe Biden’s Chinese Communist Party friends, who have been so generous with the Biden family.
A number of pot smokers in the Biden administration were dumped this past week, even after they had been assured they could admit to former marijuana use without being afraid they’d lose their jobs. The members of this administration cannot help themselves. They are going to lie to the American public and also to their own supporters. It’s not misleading their own supporters, however, that I find so bad, it’s that they can boot a few pot smokers out of the White House, but allow the drug cartels to bring in truckloads of drugs across our southern border, and that passes as a drug policy.
On Sunday Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas announced that our southern border was closed to immigrants, but the young children that had already entered the country would be allowed to stay. Can you imagine they expect us to believe that, when they have been saying for years that they favor open borders. This statement came at the same time we learned that people already in the country illegally will soon receive $4.38 billion in stimulus checks.


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