Republican committee expresses unhappiness with Senator from Franklin


To the Editor:

Nearly two months ago, the Franklin County Republican Central Committee (FCRCC) grew disgusted with the actions of our Senator, Dave Schatz.

We felt that he had ignored the stated will of the people and placed his own desires ahead of that will. He used underhanded techniques to suborn the legislative process, and rammed through his pet project, a gas tax.

Currently, all Missourians are paying 2.5 cents extra on each gallon of gas they purchase. This is slated to go up 2.5 cents each year until it reaches a total of 12.5 cents. This is over and above the gas taxes we were already paying.

For his actions, the FCRCC has written and published a proclamation censuring Senator Schatz. This proclamation was published Aug. 11 of this year. Since that time, six additional county organizations have joined us and issued their own proclamations regarding Senator Schatz and his actions.

We invite all Republican and other conservative groups to do the same. To see a copy of the censure, please go to our website at or visit our Facebook page at Franklin County Republican Central Committee


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