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Bonds built because of a boy, a bat and a ball


Sadly, the Fatima Comets’ loss of the district championship to Blair Oaks ended an exciting chapter in many of our lives. Bleachers, umbrellas, coolers, chairs, cheers, sun, rain, wins, losses, recreational, competitive, home or away....BASEBALL.
My son has loved the game since he was old enough to play T-ball. For years I’ve watched him swing a bat, be it a real bat or make-believe, on the field or in the yard. He loved the game!
This chapter was special for the boys not only because they were doing what they loved, but also because they were doing it alongside their buddies and having fun. A camaraderie that began behind a T-ball tee and ended on a turf field. Even though they weren’t all from the same school or town, they joined forces and became a team of close friends playing as the traveling Osage Indians for several years. Proof of this amazing bond was them taking first place at the Show Me Games after forming the team and practicing together a few weeks prior to the games. Those days came to a close with the start of high school baseball, but four years later regardless of a win or a loss, they are still there to cheer each other on.
I just wanted to take this opportunity as our boys’ baseball careers come to a close, to thank those who have devoted their time and talents to leading, teaching and molding these boys into the baseball players and young men that they have become.
So, HATS OFF to Brian Hoskins, Mark Gentges, Doug Kleffner, Glen Backes, Keith Bailey, Jeff and Jason Verslues, Jason Boyce, Eric Hueste, Chris Feeler, Coaches Brian Bax, Ethan Williams, Jeff Adamson, Tyler VanGerpin, Steve Schnieders, Tyler Plassmeyer and T.J. Keilholz.
Also, thanks to the fans otherwise known as moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, friends and others from the surrounding communities for the hours and miles you spent following these boys and supporting and cheering them on. Not only have the boys made lifelong friends, but their families have met and made friends with some truly special people out there whose paths may have never crossed otherwise.
Most of the boys’ baseball careers have come to an end and jerseys have been turned in. To those going on to pursue the dream into college and beyond, good luck. I hope your dreams come true.
To all of you young men from Loose Creek, Linn and Belle, it’s been fun to watch you guys go from playing in the dirt out on the field to sliding into home plate on a wet turf “slip-n-slide”.


Now, on to the next chapter.....

Kim Verslues


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