Solar Geoengineering

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People worried about man-made climate disasters should be aware of Gates solar geoengineering project! The plan dumps millions of tons of calcium carbonate dust over the planet’s atmosphere to prevent sunlight from reaching earth’s surface. Those toxins would kill crops, but Gates purchased 300,000+ acres of farmland, to eliminate beef for engineered food. This disastrous experiment isn’t supported by most scientist knowing it could result in famine, disease, flooding or drought. Worldwide approval is doubtful, cost exorbitant, but videos show planes dispersing chemicals. Did this cause Texas’ ice/power outages and West coast heat? Meteorologist can’t predict tomorrow’s weather, nor a 1200-year drought and recent flooding has occurred on every coast and in mid-America states!

America has the lowest carbon emissions of any country, but the earth revolves, so our clean air doesn’t remain here. If this was not a hoax, China & India the greatest CO2 polluters would be required to enter the Paris Accord (PA) and not given a 30-year pass! Nor, would PA political supporters have the largest homes and fly in large jets. Radical Democrats want control over your life---WAKE UP!

Prior to 1/6/2021 the FBI intercepted messages and with Pelosi made their own disruptive plans. Capitol police escorted 4 buses of people dressed in Trump regalia into the Capitol. Ashli Babbitt was killed by a Capitol police officer, who was exonerated and name never revealed! Four died of natural causes. The corrupt FBI won’t release the 14000 hours of tape to defense attorneys and people are still incarcerated 7 months later. Pelosi continued with Trump impeachment charges (lost again) and spent one half billion dollars for razor wire and National Guard protection on this continual HOAX!

Hillary’s State Department denied Ambassador Stevens extra protection in Benghazi over twelve times and she & Obama went to bed Sept. 11, 2012 giving stand-down orders to military personnel ready to intercede. The blood of four men that died that night is on Hillary, but she said, “What difference does it make how they died”? It mattered to their parents, you callous liar, who sent Susan Rice to lie that a video prompted the terrorist attack and yet was protected by the corrupt FBI, CIA and DOJ.

“Willful ignorance” is allowing the Marxist Democrat party to open borders, kill gas, coal & fracking, federalize elections with no ID, defund police & military, close prisons & release prisoners, stacked the Supreme Court, add states, spend inflationary trillions, raise taxes, go after citizens’ guns and free speech, teach children/military critical race theory that divides, pay reparations to blacks, allow children in grade school to take sex altering drugs, fund a $100 trillion green energy plan worldwide and reenter Iran, Paris deals and support W.H.O.!


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