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Swine Flu


Our government wants to require vaccine passports to travel, enter some schools/buildings, or even attend sporting or other events. Should we question, is this about control over every aspect of our lives or why would they open our borders to over 500,000+ illegals caught since January from 70 countries? Many illegals have the virus and have never been inoculated for measles, mumps and rubella? Prior to COVID testing these illegals are bussed to centers, thus a positive result has already exposed a bus load, that are distributed throughout our country! Illegals in our Virginia county caused an outbreak of measles and mumps!

Is history repeating itself? In 1976, a soldier, David Lewis at Ft. Dix, N.J. was sick in bed, but forced to endure a long march. Four other soldiers had flu symptoms and cultures were sent to a New Jersey lab. Results indicated it was the normal flu. Mr. Lewis died and the four soldiers recovered without any vaccinations.

Dr. David Sencer of the Center for Disease Control devised the Swine Flu program and pushed vaccinations with fear that 50-60 million could die if not inoculated. However, Dr. Michael Hadwick’s CDC Team reported to Sencer that the vaccine could lead to neurological and other disorders. That information was concealed and ignored. Forty-six million Americans were vaccinated leading to one half million American deaths and 20 million worldwide. People suffered paralysis and 4000 sued the government for $3.5 billion. When Mike Wallace of 60 minutes confronted Dr. Sencer, he knew nothing! There was never one confirmed case of swine flu!

In 2020, someone made the decision that hospitals would receive $19,000 for every COVID patient, $39,000 if a ventilator was used and bonuses if a quota was met. Medical personnel made videos questioning this mandate as heart attack, stroke, cancer, even car accident deaths were all called COVID. Businesses and schools were shut down, hurting the economy---was this a sinister plot to blame Trump and affect the 2020 election?

Tucker Carlson revealed that Dr. Fauci controlling a $6.1 billion budget, has funneled US tax dollars to the Wuhan, China labs on gain of function research. They make a virus as contagious as possible to learn how to fight it. News leaks said the virus started from infected personnel at the Wuhan labs. With China controlling the World Health Organization investigation, we may never know. Data from Vaers indicate 4,434 deaths through May 10 from the vaccine. A minimum of 20 videos from virologist and doctors revealed this vaccine is dangerous and not tested long enough. Are we to trust the Biden administration and our lying media that has done everything in their power to destroy America and control our lives?


Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City


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