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The Corruption Continues.


The Senate Intelligence Report of August 19th deserves attention. The report is very damning in regards to Mr. Stone coordinating with a Russian spy, think GRU, for coordinating with Wikileaks for the release of stolen emails. President Trump discussed this with Roger Stone, who’s sentence was recently commuted by President Trump. President Trump publicly to Stone, “Don’t be a rat”, certainly mob type talk. “Scary smart” Donald Trump “Could not recall” over 30 times in his written answers to Robert Mueller.
This Republican majority bi-partisan committee made three criminal referrals against Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, and Donald Trump Jr. It appears that nothing has been done since then under the auspices of Bill Barr.
The Senate Trial was a sham, with two Senators stating before the charade was started that they had already made up their minds, totally nullifying their oath that they took. Vital witnesses were not allowed to testify. Senator Lamar Alexander stated that there was no doubt that President Trump was guilty of the charges, but the people should decide in the next election. Yes, let the people decide in an election that President Trump and Vladimir Putin are now doing everything possible to rig.
Recently Steve Bannon was arrested for fraudulent activities for his “Build the wall” fund by the SDNY. Just a few months ago, Bill Barr tried to install his handpicked successor, but Judge Berman stood his ground, and Judge Colleen McMahon was Judge Berman’s replacement. It looks like attempted court rigging of the SDNC to me.
Recently, a DIA official commented that Vladimir Putin is again working to undermine the 2020 election. That should ring alarm bells in any truly patriotic American. Now the DIA has announced that there would be no more verbal testimonies to Congress, claiming to be concerned about security leaks, without identifying any.
President Trump is taking credit for doing such a great job with the Covid-19 pandemic. What happened to that “April heat will just make if magically disappear?” Neither that or the July heat has worked. The United States has about 25 percent of all the Covid-19 cases with only 4 percent of the population. I can’t see anything to brag about there.
The Supreme Court went as far as they could to protect Donald Trump on the release of his tax returns. President Trump is frantically trying to block the release of his returns to NY State. I understand that NY State is investigating Donald Trump for insurance and bank fraud.
In the end, it should all be about those facts, those damned facts, not make up facts or theories. Thank God for the free press, which has made much of this information available to us.

Frank J. Thomeczek


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