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The Election is Over


The election is over, Joe Biden has been officially certified. President Trump in spite of all his efforts to rig the election, with over 60 of his ridiculous judicial appeals, to include SCOTUS. We all know that Judge Barret was appointed by Trump to pack the court, in his favor. President Trump told us so. When one confesses to guilt, it is best to listen.

At the end, not one of the rigged SCOTUS Judges could support him in his attack on democracy, and that includes the five who could properly interpret the Constitution. And if it had gone for a hearing, witnesses would have to lie to the SCOTUS, not to smart.

In truth, Donald Trump tried to steal this election by voter suppression, nothing new there for the Republican party, and then delaying the counts by not having all submitted votes counted by election day. State Republican legislatures insisted on delaying the count on mailed in votes so that Trump would have more time to lie, and keep his charade going.

Democracy has finally won, this time. But we all need to be aware of such, and guard against such in the future. We already live in a flawed democracy. If we lived in a more effective democracy, we would have something done by now about decreasing the role of big corrupting money in politics, 80 percent of Americans want something done, or reduce income inequality, which over time, causes both economic (wealth) and political inequality. And that is one of the main reasons for democracies failing. Almost always, there is greed at the top and too much “It has to be this way” apathy at the bottom.

President Trump has stated that “The Electoral College is rigged, in favor of the Democrats.” So why doesn’t he call for a national popular vote, which he has lost twice?

The fact is that we are well on our way to an authoritarian type of government with a 20 percent chance of reversing it. If we truly want a democracy, we all need to wake up.

As POTUS, President Trump should be speaking out against the many threats, enthusiastically made, against public officials of both parties for not following his wishes. Not to do so makes him complicit with sedition.

I wonder how Mr. Trump can pardon members of his family if they have not done anything wrong. When one accepts a pardon, that is an admission of guilt. And Donald Trump cannot pardon himself against NY State charges, and he can no longer delay his unpaid bills of up to a billion dollars. I would bet that I am in a better financial condition than Donald Trump.

Frank J. Thomeczek


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