The hidden truth


To the Editor:

The GCDC (Gasconade County Democrats Club) seems to think that I am at war with them and the TRUTH they claim to possess.

In truth my only purpose is to foster an open discussion of issues that are important to the future of our country, our state, and our friends and families.

First the issues that we are currently discussing:

• VOTER FRAUD…Only the most naive person would claim there was no fraud in the recent election, we have yet to see an explanation of the video showing someone in Atlanta counting ballots when the facility was closed and all observers gone home.

• CORONAVIRUS…The case rate and death rate in the U.S. are approaching the rates from the common flu which caused about 40,000-plus deaths each year. Additional vaccinations will reduce the numbers. We all hope it will not be an issue in the next election.

• GERRYMANDERING…The 1964 Voting Rights Act mandated that the U.S. Representative Districts be redrawn (gerrymandered ) so that Black voters would be the majority in districts in proportion to their portion of the population. The U.S. House now has 55 African Americans out of a total of 435 members. That’s about 13 percent which is about their share of the population. The individual state legislatures are then free to set up the remaining districts for the mixture of Hispanic, Oriental, Caucasian, and others.

Last year I wrote a letter asking the GCDC to discuss and take a stand on some issues I thought were important to our community and country. I repeat them here and ask for a response in the hope of fostering an open discussion as we prepare for the next round of elections.

1. Black Lives Matter and Antifa demonstrations and riots.

2. Teaching of Critical Race Theory in our schools.

3. Biological boys playing in girls sports.

4. Socialism versus Capitalism.

5. Funding of gender transition and gender conversion surgery.

6. Banning gender conversion therapy.

7. School vouchers when schools are not educating.

8. Abortions up to and beyond day of birth.

9. Funding of Planned Parenthood abortions.

Please be truthful about where GCDC and the national Democratic Party stand on these issues.

August Hoernschemeyer


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