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The Left’s war on science


Many in the Democrat party have been showing their hypocrisy lately when it comes to their professed belief in science. As I pointed out in this column two weeks ago, teacher unions — giving Democrats at least 94 percent of the funds they contributed to candidates and parties since 1990 — have been ignoring the science when it comes to COVID-19, refuse to return to the classroom in states like California.
This is particularly interesting because for years the Left has been portraying Republicans as the party against science. Here’s a typical headline from The Philadelphia Inquirer: “GOP, Fox News have waged war on science.”
These articles mainly cover two topics: Republicans who question the science of man-made climate change and the handling of the coronavirus pandemic.
Believe it or not there are scientists who do not believe in the politics of climate change. I have covered this before.
The contrast of how Republicans and Democrats treat this pandemic is self-evident between the states of Florida and California.
According to the associated press, in a March 18 article published in the Sacramento Observer, “Despite radically different coronavirus policies, California and Florida have the same case rate and nearly identical death rates, raising questions as to whether certain restrictions were necessary.” The results are that many of California’s schools are still closed and the state has an unemployment rate of 9.3 percent. Florida’s unemployment rate is only 5.1 percent and its schools are open.
A little research clearly shows that it’s the Democrat party who pushes down and limits science.
This is accomplished by limiting free speech and shutting up anyone who questions “their” science.
In December of last year Dr. Michael Deboisblanc was fired from his post as trauma medical director for John Muir Health in California after writing a letter to health officials questioning the effectiveness of the county’s lockdown measures.
In 2017 Google employee James Damore was fired for his memo, which was deemed sexist because it explained why more men work in technical fields, even though all of his arguments were based on science, science Democrats want hidden.
These are but two examples.
It’s the Lefts actual war on science that has stopped scientific research. Protests on the Left have stymied research on genetically modified foods, which if successful could feed starving children across the world.
Research on intelligence, by the government was stopped decades ago because of the Left. Those who dare to study in this field, like Charles Murray are not allowed to speak on college campuses.
The same is true with research on gender differences. It’s taboo.
Daniel Patrick Moynihan published a paper in 1965 warning of the dangers for black children growing up in single-parent homes. This was meet with such a huge backlash — critics said he was blaming the victim — that research of this nature was stopped.
There is no argument that today’s universities are dominated by Leftists — Leftist who are more likely to identify themselves as socialists. This is where most research is done, including in social sciences.
In the field of sociology college students are more likely to be taught in college by a Marxist than a Republican — 25 to 2 percent.
Can you imagine the uproar if 95 percent of the research in social science was done by men? What about white heterosexual men? But those in academia see nothing wrong when this disparity is Democrat socialists and conservative Republicans.
This survey question “Do you believe in the long run, hard work usually brings a better life?” was deemed a “rationalization of inequality” by social scientists who want to put a stop to such thinking. When another survey asked if the “earth has plenty of natural resources if we just learn how to develop them” it was classified as a “denial of environmental realities.”
John Tierney, in his article entitled “The Real War on Science” said “The only successful war on science is the one waged by the Left.” He goes on, “researchers are passing off their political opinions as science,…and they’re even using that absurdly unscientific term “denier” as if they were priests guarding some eternal truth. Science advances by continually challenging and testing hypotheses, but the modern Left has become obsessed with silencing heretics.”

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