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Stealing retirement funding through payroll tax cuts


To the Editor:

Donald Trump is pretending to give us something, but is actually trying to steal our retirement. His TV ads and comments say he wants to give us a Payroll Tax cut. Two points- 1. Those employed do not need the financial help. 2. Unemployed cannot benefit because they have no income to tax.

Many are unaware that the Payroll Tax is the sole funding source for Social Security and Medicare. If we delete income to the programs, there will be no future benefits. And what do most retirees do with little income and no health insurance?

Congress is currently debating the renewal of the relief package. Trump has insisted he will reject without the Payroll Tax cut. Why is he so insistent? He wants to destroy Social Security and Medicare. Do you? If not, contact your member of Congress now.

Martin Walsh

Glendale, Mo.


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