To test…or not to test


Dear Mr. Democrat,

President Trump obviously misspoke when he said on March 6: “Everyone who wants a test can get a test” in an effort to calm the country while diligently working with experts to avert a national disaster. At this time it seems like it’s working.

Without getting into semantics and discussing who would “want” a test, it’s obvious that the better choice of words would be  “whoever needs a test.”

Who needs a test?

First, those showing early symptoms such as cough or fever,        Second, those who have been in contact with a diagnosed case of COVED-19. Persons outside of these classes are given lower priority.

A farmer living in Gasconade County would probably not need a test or want a test.

Positive test results indicate isolation and treatment is necessary, probably in a hospital. It would also get the Centers for Disease Control started on tracing his contacts and identifying the person he got it from to prevent spread of the virus. They would conduct further testing of those identified.

Negative test results, I believe about 90 percent, indicate that the person does not have the disease today, he may come in contact tomorrow with an active case and get the virus. It does give health authorities some indication of the extent of infection.

Owensville has been a “paradise” because we have been following the government guidelines but it could change. One infected person could come down from St. Louis. If he shopped at Walmart the chances of contact spreading are low. If he attends a funeral or church service or has a beer with old friends the chances are high that it will spread. Keep up the social distancing.

I thought letters had to be from a real person, not an organization. The Democrat writer seldom discusses the factual issues raised but always wants to be critical of President Trump.


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