To the Gasconade Democrat Committee


To the Editor:

In reference to the article you put in the paper, that seemed like a personal attack on Mr. Dennis Warden, on the subject of climate change, I don’t know, nor am I smart enough to determine what’s correct or incorrect on this subject.

I at least admire Mr. Warden putting his name on his articles, leaving us no doubt as to who wrote or posted them. God gives all of us, along with our constitution, the right to voice our opinion on any and all issues. I think that the United States was built on a belief in God, family and good morals, including respect for your fellow countrymen.

I don’t imply that I’m Republican or Democrat, I just think that if you are willing to put something in the paper that casts a dark shadow on someone, a personal attack on someone’s son, husband, brother, father, etc., whatever the case may be, you would be willing to sign that letter, memo, or column by name and not committee.

I have many friends that I know are Democrats, and again, I’m not saying what party I sway to, but those are my friends, human beings, created by God, and equal to any other human on the face of this great planet — all deserving of each others respect.

I think I could name a few of the people on this committee, none of which I have any personal problems with, and all of whom I believe are good people. People who contribute to society, hard workers, and love their families much like Mr. Warden loves his. We all have our opinions.

I just feel like if you believe in something enough to put it in the public newspaper, you would be honored by the rights you have in this country, not only to put it in the paper, but to pridefully sign it personally.

Dale Tyree, Owensville


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