Trump accomplishments, Part 2

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Four years ago, during the 2016 presidential election, then Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton warned America that if Donald Trump became president the economy “would throw us back into recession.” 

Economist Paul Krugman said that  this recession would have “no end in sight.”

They were wrong. Way wrong.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the economy under the three years of Trump’s presidency was greater than any other president on record.

That is not Trump bragging. Remember, it ain’t bragging if it’s true.

This information is from the Census Bureau which recently reported that real median household income grew to $68,703 in 2019, an increase of 6.8 percent over 2018. In comparison, this was 45 percent more growth than the entire eight years of the Obama/Biden administration.

The percentage growth in income was greater for Blacks, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans.

Also, in 2019, the poverty rate dropped 1.3 percentage points to a 60 year low of 10.5 percent — removing 4.1 million people out of poverty. During the Obama/Biden administration, the number of people living in poverty increased by 787,000.

This growth was made possible, in part, by Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. No Democrat  — zero, zilch, nada — voted for this bill.

Joe Biden continues to lie about this, telling us those tax cuts only benefited the rich. A funny thing happened. In the summer of 2019, the IRS submitted a report showing that every income group received a tax cut in 2019 except one…millionaires.

I don’t have enough space to list all of Trump’s accomplishments but here are some more.

• Disability claims, which rose under Obama dropped under Trump.

• Trump approved Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines and eliminated Obama era regulations that were blocking U.S. exploration and development of our oil, natural gas, and coal resources, all helping make America energy independent in 2019 for the first time in 62 years.

• Before the coronavirus almost 3.9 million Americans had been lifted off food stamps.

• Trump eliminated a record number of burdensome, job-crushing regulations making it easier for businesses to grow and employ more people. 

• At the beginning of the year, the unemployment rate was at it lowest point in 50 years, with black unemployment at an all-time low.

• President Trump continues to reshape the Federal judiciary at a record pace and is following through on his promise to appoint judges who will uphold the Constitution and rule of law. He has done this as judges retire or die, not by packing the court, (adding more judge seats) which many Democrat leaders are calling for Biden to do. 

• Trump signed the First Step Act into law in December 2018 — the most significant criminal justice reform legislation in years. This act reformed sentencing laws that wrongly harmed African-Americans. This is the only accomplishment I’ve listed that received Democrat support. 

• Trump was nominated three times for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the United Arab Emirates-Israel peace deal, helping secure a deal for normalized economic relations between Serbia and Kosovo, and reducing US involvement in wars.

• In July Trump signed four Executive Orders designed to lower prescription drug prices. 

• Trump rescinded the Obama/Biden AFFH Rule which forced low-income housing into suburbs.

• Trump said Friday he would be working over the next couple of weeks on an executive order to require health insurers to cover preexisting conditions.

As Andy Puzder, a Senior Fellow at the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy said in a recent column, “Keep in mind that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden wants to reverse Trump’s policies, repeal the Trump tax cuts, increase regulation and grow the government in an expansion of the Obama era policies that produced the weakest economic recovery since WWII. President Trump wants to rebuild the economy with the polices that produced the strongest labor market in modern times, including 2019’s historically positive numbers.”

Trump accomplished this — and much more — all while being relentlessly attacked by Democrats,  starting before his inauguration.

That’s why Trump has my vote.

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