What’s kidding all about?

(a response to GCDC)


To the Editor:

Kidding means to tease or fool playfully. (Webster)

There is nothing playful about what is going on. The day after Trump was elected, the Democrats in Washington started talking about impeachment, the only way to unseat a president.

So Roy Blunt’s statement only states the fact that it’s been going on for a long time

It’s also foolish to make innuendos and blame about recent relevant history.

The facts are:

If Russia meddled in the 2016 election, it happened while Obama was president and his Department of Justice did nothing about it

The treatment of illegal aliens was dictated by the existing laws passed by Congress. The border agents were simply enforcing existing laws. Admittedly, the laws are flawed but it’s up to Congress to change them.

Tariffs have been one-sided for too long. We can no longer buy more than we sell. Over the years our wealth has been transferred to other countries.

Climate change has been happening ever since the world was created, I’ve seen it in my lifetime. The question is: What part of it is caused by human activity and what part is nature acting as it always has? Then the question is: Can we do anything about it?

Mass shootings are the result of mental illness. No sane person would do such things.

This must be treated.

The press attacks Trump, Trump attacks the press. In the playground it was always hard to determine who started it. Let’s call a truce.

Corruption in international relations should be investigated, whether it was by Joe Biden or Joe Schmo.

I agree with the GCDC (Gasconade County Democrat Club) that there is a general decline of morals and integrity in the general population, probably due to the decline of religion. The Ten Commandments guided us for years but are ignored at this time in history.

The Democrats in Congress are making a mockery of the impeachment process, they are looking for “Crimes and Misdemeanors” but are finding none so they go through a series of investigations while ignoring problems that are really important.


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