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Will the truth surface?


Politicians take an oath to defend the Constitution, but 53 lied and attempted to impeach a civilian. They ignored the FBI intercepts prior to Jan. 6th, of anti-government groups and Insurgence USA, that planned a civil war on the Capitol. They denied the troops Trump offered for Capitol protection and funding a border wall, yet now have built a fence with razor wire around DC costing taxpayers millions daily. Trump’s words of “walk peacefully and patriotically” they said incited an insurrection, yet their own words and ignoring burning/looting of businesses this year were far more damaging. Five died at the Capitol, but four were due to medical conditions. The police officer died of a stroke! But truth doesn’t matter when the media allows distortions, editing and censorship!

How many Americans have been damaged by the Biden administration? The whole country, as shutdowns of the Keystone Pipeline, drilling on government lands and a proposed shutdown of Dakota killed jobs, gas and food prices rising, while Biden supported a Taliban pipeline in Afghanistan. A military can’t defend the country on wind and solar power and plays into Biden’s financial connections to Communist China! Biden removed Trump’s protection of our electric grid against an EMP attack---can you survive without electricity—better get prepared? Open borders allowing illegal’s arrival with no virus testing or inoculations, stopping deportation of criminals, defunding the police, is complete hypocrisy to demands of Americans to wear masks, be vaccinated when many have died from those injections! This week Biden goes after your gun rights, so you can’t protect your family against roving mobs.

Biden’s cognitive abilities are gone. He can barely read a teleprompter and why the radical leftist Democrats are now controlling him. Everyone could lose their senses, but we didn’t run for the highest office in the world! Trump was smart to not fall into Mueller’s trap, if you disagree with their version of the truth, you are jailed. All arrested in the Mueller probe wasn’t because of Russian collusion and many have filed lawsuits because exculpatory evidence was illegally withheld.

This week a mother describes her hatred for Biden supporters. Her son’s life requiring penicillin cost went from $60 monthly under Trump to $540 under Biden. You idiotically ignored Trump standing against the globalist that want control over your lives. That kind of abject stupidity, denies the sacrifice every soldier who fought for this great country made, as our constitutional rights are quickly being diminished. Trump loved our country and defended your rights and you turned the country over to a Communist Chinese loving family! An Italian, with his lawyer’s signed affidavit confessed to altering votes from Trump to Biden, but will the truth surface?

Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City


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