2000 Mules - A legal voter’s nightmare


Dear Editor:

As Election Day 2020 approached many states looked for ways to accomplish their elections in the midst of the pandemic. Expanding voting time frames, neighborhood voter drop boxes, pushing out unsolicited mail-in ballots, eliminating voter ID requirements; all were considered. Long-standing voter rules and policies were changed overnight by many states that ignored their state laws as to how those changes were supposed to take place. So, despite an early lead by Trump, it would not hold, and on November 4th Joe Biden was our new President.  Lots of reports of expelled poll watchers, stopping/starting counts, votes arriving in the middle of the night, duplicate counts and more were discussed in hearings.  Court decisions were sought, January 6th occurred in Washington DC, but nothing changed.

Now, the True the Vote organization reports significant findings through analysis of publicly available cell phone data. This cell phone tracking showed at least 2000 ‘mules’ (a mule is a person carrying illegally obtained ballots for money to an unsupervised voter drop box) across the key states of Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania between October 1st and Election Day 2020 and focused on people that each visited at least 10 or more voter drop boxes and 5 or more non-profit voting activist organizations; thus eliminating ‘normal’ voting activity.  Analyzing a petabyte of data encompassing over 10 trillion cell phone signals, many backed up by video, they found thousands of cases of what surely is questionable, probably fraudulent, voting.  Who casts dozens of votes at 2 am, wearing gloves, at multiple drop boxes each night for weeks, and takes a photo of the votes going in the box? Criminals do.  Many of these same cell phones were tracked in the midst of Antifa- and BLM-led riots during the same time period; 25% of the mules identified in Atlanta participated in the riots.  Coincidental, I think not.

Pushed by Soros and Zuckerberg to ostensibly enhance voting opportunities in poorer neighborhoods, the boxes were the perfect vehicle for this fraud.  Promises to use the signature on the outer envelope to verify the validity of the mail-in ballot immediately evaporated and once the outer signature envelope was separated from the ballot any chance of verification was lost forever.  Zero verification took place.  True the Vote identified 200 mules in Phoenix; 242 in Atlanta; 500 in Detroit; 100 in Milwaukee and 1100 in Philadelphia that cast an estimated 380,000 ballots for approximately $10 each using the actuaries developed by the team; enough to possibly flip the election.  These numbers beg lots of questions.  Our election process is surely broken.  Why aren’t responsible Government officials ensuring fair elections? See the documentary for yourself at https://www.bitchute.com/video/NDtBoPTjfw4X/ .

Dan Schnieders

Jefferson City, MO 


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