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To the Editor: Today was the home opener of baseball season in St. Louis...an unofficial holiday on the local calendar. One of the Post Dispatch’s writers, Ben Hochman, returned to Busch Stadium … more
Our Founding Fathers were men of diverse backgrounds and education, but all believed in truth. As Thomas Jefferson stated: “If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the … more
Those so indoctrinated by the NY Times, mainstream and social media outlets are gambling Americans’ freedoms & safety on lies! The history Hawley dispels, are the lies of the 1619 Project, White … more
Dear Editor, Attention all voters of the Linn R-2 School District. Hannah Swann and Mark Baker have a very vested interest in Linn R-2 School in seeing that it is run properly so their children … more
Joe Biden had a goal of 100 million vaccines administered in the first 100 days.  He is now on track to double such, in fact under promising and overachieving.  Ex-President Trumps warp … more
From my first day in the State Capitol, one of my top priorities has been improving our state’s aging transportation infrastructure. Missouri’s road system spans more than 33,800 miles — the … more
Now that Donald Trump isn’t around to use as a punching bag, the media are finding their news is not selling quite as well. They have to find someone else to beat up. For now, it appears that New … more
Following the “mysterious disappearance” of the national flag in front of the VFW Memorial in the Owensville Cemetery, I raised a new flag on President’s Day, 15 February, 2021. On 4 March, … more
You have been released. Those words are the most beautiful words my ears have heard in a very long time. I have not been in prison, but it sure seems like it. Those words were from the Gasconade … more
I read the article in the Unterrified Democrat a few weeks ago that was covering the Road and Bridge’s five-year plan for the county. To be quite frank, after reading it over a few times and … more
To the Editor: As our nation’s problems go unattended week after week, they continue to fester and grow. On the rare occasion that senators and representatives take a break from shouting … more
To the Editor: There has been much discussion in the news about the minimum wage aspect of the Stimulus. However, I have not heard much about two items. First, is the question — who should be … more
To the Editor: After reading the opinion about wind and solar, and hearing the same ideas parroted by the right-wing media for a while now, I just think we all need to stop and think a … more
Politicians take an oath to defend the Constitution, but 53 lied and attempted to impeach a civilian. They ignored the FBI intercepts prior to Jan. 6th, of anti-government groups and Insurgence USA, … more
Some have criticized Joe Biden for being senile, and he surely has been prone to gaffes in the past. But I see no evidence of such the last year. People should be careful about making such … more
Americans are now witnessing the fruition of a plan started 29 years ago by the VP of the World Socialist Party, Gro Harlem Brundtland. Offered as official U.N. policy at the Earth Summit in 1992, … more
I would like to Thank the Senior Boys Basketball Players from last year’s season, I never got the chance to express my feelings about them, this was a special group, this was my most favorite … more
To all my friends and family, no matter your political stances or who you voted for, please read. I am the sister to a wonderful man who works in a Sheltered Workshop. My older brother, Jake, is … more
To the Editor: Recently the Gasconade County Democrats Club was addressed in this newspaper through a letter from a Mr. Hoernschemeyer who highlighted our early and persistent stance against … more
To all my friends and family, no matter your political stances or who you voted for, please read. I am the sister to a wonderful man who works in a Sheltered Workshop. My older brother, Jake, is … more
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