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To the Editor: The past midterm elections have provided something that, if you look closely enough, fits in with the Season of Thanksgiving. It was anticipated that a Red Wave was preparing to … more
To the Editor: Once again the Democrat Club has choose to blindly follow the lead of Nancy and Chuck instead of addressing the issues most people are concerned about. At least this time they put … more
To the Editor:   Now that the election is so close we need to take a real common sense look at the issues: 1. Inflation: defined as increase in prices due to more demand for things than … more
To the Editor: Who is Radical? The Moderate Republican Party is becoming extinct as conservative members like Liz Cheney are beginning to support Democrats in an effort to save our … more
To the Editor, Regarding Amendment 3, on the ballot this November, regardless of how you feel about the legalization of marijuana, this is not the proper way to go about it.  This … more
To the Editor: I wholeheartedly agree with your Oct. 12, 2022, editorial comment that, “The reason Amendment 3 is on the ballot is money. If this passes, a select few will make millions, and … more
To the Editor:   It is a great honor to serve Gerald as your new Postmaster. In my 15 years with the United States Postal Service, I have seen firsthand the role the Postal Service … more
To the Editor: Does Mr. Warden understand what it means to be less divisive? His column on that topic raises doubts. While flying the flag of offended sincerity and fair journalism he goes out of … more
To the Editor: I remember growing up 70 plus years ago and people were saying about the same thing we hear today. People would say things like: How can God be proud of the way we’re … more
To the Editor: I have lived on the earth for four score and seven years. In my youth I have seen summer temperatures up to 114 in St. Louis, I have seen winter days well below 0 for days at a … more
To the Editor: Your front-page story reporting on the half-cent sales tax designated for Gasconade County law enforcement quotes Owensville City Administrator Randy Blaske as saying, “The … more
To the Editor:   Mr. Warden’s editorial of Aug. 10, “No End in Sight,” set out to support right wing denial of climate change by attacking the premise of rising ocean … more
Dear Editor: Used car values have risen dramatically in Missouri. Prices for used cars increased 25 percent in 2021 alone. Because Missouri is one of the only states with a personal property tax … more
To the Editor:   To those of you who may be applauding or celebrating the August 8, 2022, FBI raid on former president Donald  Trump’s home in Florida, congratulations — … more
To the Editor: First let me say, I love the Gasconade County Republican, which I have been reading since I was old enough to read, nearly 70-years. I am thankful that my hometown has a newspaper … more
To the Editor: Weasels use weasel words and behave…weaselly. That is exactly what the previously disgraced-from-office Eric Greitens is doing these days as he slinks away from his latest … more
To the Editor: When we started this series of letters to the editor our hope was to find “common ground” between Republicans and Democrats. That was quite a while ago and it … more
To the Editor: After reading Ms. Murphy’s May 11, article on the Rock Island Trail, I feel there is a need to add some perspective to the reporting. The Rock Island has a long history in … more
To the Editor: There might be more people in America living in fear now than ever. Our present administration, the one we’re stuck with for several more years, has no idea how to deal with … more
To the Editor: Almost everyone in government and academia is worried by global warming and climate change caused by human use of fossil fuels. Is it really something to worry about? Let’s … more
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