A call to action: exercise your right to vote


To the Editor:

On July 4th I viewed the new Memorial for our great veterans in Hermann, Mo.

I was touched and proud to see it surrounded with our great country’s flag. Our country is being threatened, our policemen are being murdered, our history and monuments are being destroyed, our flags are being burnt and our lifestyles are being threatened.

They want to take away our guns and and our right to worship Almighty God!

Is this what we want as Americans for our future and the future of our country? So please, I would like to ask every single person in our county and state to exercise your right to vote.

If you are not registered in your area please do so now.

Our communities stand strong and we have always fought for our rights and what we believe in.

The United States of America and our president needs our help.

United we will make a difference! Our next presidential election is crucial to the survivial of this country.

I’m proud to be an American and I pray that you are too! Please ask your friends and relatives to spread the word and help us save this great country!


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